Michael Giannulis – Masks Cut Back on the Risks of Contracting COVID-19 Infection Based on Studies


Based on the findings of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), wearing masks will defend you from the COVID-19 infection and people near you. The CDC also clarified that protective masks will block the particles of coronavirus that you might inhale or exhale otherwise. Facemasks will also block the contagious respiratory droplets from individuals around you, thus keeping you safe amid the corona pandemic.

In this article, you will learn about the safety of using masks to prevent the spread of infection amidst the pandemic. Read on to learn more.

Mike Giannulis on mask use and its safety

The CDC referred to several reports and studies to build the guidelines surrounding coronavirus and the safe use of masks. People who contracted the virus on an aircraft for over 10 hours did not infect the others, as the infected people were using masks. Make sure that you always use cloth masks with five or more layers for stopping viruses from inhaling and exhaling.

The benefits of facemasks

Wear a mouth and nose covering when you go out of your house or in a crowd, where social distancing is a bit difficult. You cannot avoid people when you are grocery shopping, visiting a pharmacist, or at your workplace. The proper use of a mask will prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

It is true that a considerable number of individuals do show any symptoms, and called asymptomatic. Then, you need to wear masks because if you develop the symptoms later, the virus would linger in the air, in case you do not have any nose and mouth covering. Michael Giannulis is a health-conscious individual and wears a mask and gloves amid the pandemic.

The spread of the virus

Based on the findings of the CDC, people may have the virus for a day or 14 days before start manifesting symptoms like fatigue, fever, and dry cough. The virus is spread through respiratory droplets that can enter the body when an infected person sneezes, coughs, breathe, or speak. Some of the droplets are too minute that you cannot see them in the air.

According to WHO, many individuals have mild symptoms during the initial stages and can infect others. Therefore, you may catch the coronavirus from a person, who mild cough, but not sick.

Maintain mask hygiene

When wearing or removing the mask, wash your hands with soap and water to stop germs and viruses from your hands to stick to the mask. You can also use hand sanitizers before and after using masks. Do not reuse disposable masks.

There some safety measures while using masks including avoiding touching the mask with your hands while you wear the same. Wear and remove the mask using the ear loops instead of touching the cloth directly. Wash and sanitize reusable masks after every use. You can hand wash or use your washing machine.


Follow these hygiene tips when you use facemasks. Adhere to social distancing and maintain hygiene while using masks and after use. Stay safe and healthy amid the pandemic.

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