Midi dresses – what are they and how do combine them?


While different styles and trends come and go during the seasons, skirts are always very popular, regardless of their evolution for a particular year.

Mini skirts, maxi dresses, and mini dresses have been with us since the 1960s, however, there has always been a mediator that hasn’t been as renowned despite being just as sophisticated – maybe even more so: The midi dress is an evolution of both: the maxi dress and the mini skirt.

Midi dresses are those whose cut ends just below the knees. You can find them day and night, long or short-sleeved, plain or printed. These types of dresses have existed since the 1950s when the glamorous movie stars of the time dared to wear a dress that marked their curves but barely touched their knees.

Midi Dress for Spring

Today this style balances the long, flowing maxi and the short, bold mini. It is simply the perfect combination of both styles. A mid-length dress can be worn for both formal and casual occasions, at home or downtown.

While the maxi dress can be a problem when you want to wear high heels or walk long distances, the sexy bodycon dresses in the perfect spot and helps you avoid awkward situations. It’s also long enough not to be too revealing, as miniskirts often are. Especially if you will be sitting down and standing up frequently, this is a huge advantage. The mini skirt makes this very difficult without showing a little more than you would like.

An ideal dress for spring

The midi dress combines several different styles, from glamorous to casual chic. They can be wrapped in chiffon, encrusted with diamonds, or made from a fresh cotton material perfect if you’re preparing your wardrobe for spring as well as walking on the beach.

It is also a good option for big events, we have already seen several celebrities on the red carpet wearing this creation. Anne Hathaway, Drew Barrymore, Amy Adams, and British beauty Kate Winslet have all stepped out in spectacular mid-length dresses at some point. This is because, without a doubt, these are the alternative to ultra-short dresses and long robes.

What to combine with Midi Dresses?

What to combine with Midi Dresses

The best style of shoes to complement a midi dress is undoubtedly high heels. Since the hemline falls just above or below the knee, heels are necessary to make the dress stand out. Cut out asymmetrical dresses also make your legs look longer.

Spring and fall midis bring flowers and bright colors. Floral midi dresses have been making a strong appearance lately, as Black Eyed Peas lead singer Fergie showed off. She was recently seen wearing a colorful midi skirt paired with a leather jacket. There are countless ways to wear these dresses.

A flowing black material gives a look that lends itself well to dinner parties and slightly more formal occasions, as do details like delicate bow trims or shimmering chiffon. Bold and bright colors like greens, yellows, and oranges are also very popular.

You can dress them up with cardigans, short-sleeved sweaters, leather jackets (like Fergie), or with a glamorous faux-fur shawl for special occasions.

A simple pearl necklace gently and elegantly pulled back hair, and a sparkling ring completes any look and complements even the most casual outfits.

Avoid the most voluminous dresses

The volume in certain areas of the dress can be very flattering. Perhaps some models with balloon sleeves of moderate size or the occasional frill are ideal for you, but if you exceed these forms, you can make a mistake and your figure will look completely disproportionate.

Avoid at all costs details that exceed the size of your arms and leave aside quite heavy textures with which you will not feel comfortable at all. A tip that can work for you is to give it a simple touch and with solid colors like white so that you can wear this trend without the need to see yourself so loaded with details.

Turn to accessories to give your style a plus

Midi dresses should not be left as a fairly flat garment since what you can do is add accessories to make your look look so simple. If you consider that you can place a belt on the outside to see yourself more stylized, take advantage of the fact that you can wear ankle bracelets to give your dress a plus of style. Now if you don’t want a belt, you can wear a necklace or choker to make the neckline of your dress look cool.

The second option: The midi skirt

If you don’t like wearing a multicolor midi dress, you can put it aside for a moment and use a garment of the same cut as midi skirts. To wear these garments you must follow the style tips that we have given you here so that you can take this cut to the next level.

Eye with footwear

Although wardrobe staples like stilettos and platforms are winning options that will obviously give you height, midi dresses are that option to relax the code and give way to the comfort that has taken over many collections since the pandemic began.

With midi dresses you can wear white sneakers, loafers, moccasins, kitten heels, sandals and even ballerinas. It all depends on you and the outfit you want to achieve. If your workplace doesn’t allow you to wear your favorite sneakers; Bet on ballerinas and for a more casual outing, a denim jacket and some Converse will be all you’ll need.

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