Mistakes that Should Be Avoided When You Decide to Grow Tomatoes in the Containers


Most of the people have revealed that they get the feeling of an adventure when they are growing tomatoes in the containers. It can either be rewarding or it can also be disastrous. At certain times, the epic failures can take place for various reasons that are not going to be in your control, which include a sudden cold or wet weather or tomato blight. However, people are known to commit certain common mistakes as well and if you capable of avoiding them, the chances of healthy tomatoes growing successfully in the containers will definitely increase. According to www.freshplaza.com, the EU produces almost 18 million tonnes of fresh tomatoes.

Small containers

Most people have the feeling that if they grow tomatoes in tiny containers, it will be easier to grow them. However, you need to know that when you are growing tomatoes, the bigger is always better. If your container is big, it is going to hold a lot more soil. More soil also means that it will hold more water and more nutrients are going to be available for the tomato plants. Consistent food, as well as, water is considered to be the two important elements in order to ensure that your tomato plants are healthy and happy.

Too much of water

It is obvious that you have to water your tomato plants because that is the primary key to gaining healthy fruits. However, if you water it more often than necessary, your plant is going to drown and it can also cause your roots to start getting rots. It can also lead to stressed plants or split tomatoes.

This is why it is important that you try and keep your soil moist. Do not forget drainage and you need to ensure that the container that you are using has holes so that the excess water is capable of draining out. A Garden Patch GrowBox Tomato Planter Review will help you to understand if these containers are perfect for growing the tomatoes.

Little water

The total quantity of water that the tomato plant requires depends on diverse things, which also include the weather. The humidity, wind, heat, size of the container, the potting soil, etc., need to be considered before determining the quantity of water that your tomato plants require. When your plant reaches the midseason, it might require regular watering once every day and sometimes even twice. Also, whenever you are watering the plants, ensure that you are soaking them so that the soil retains the water for a long time. Try not to wet the leaves, because wet leaves are responsible for fungus.


Most people plant a lot of plants in a single container. The best thing to do is put only a single tomato plant in every container. This will help the tomato plant to grow successfully without feeling overcrowded and fighting for the necessary nutrients. You will also get healthy tomatoes if you do not overcrowd the plants.


If you can take care of these mistakes, you will be successful in growing tomato plants in the containers. Also, rectify the mistakes if you are already doing them in order to make sure that your tomatoes are healthy.

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