Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Curtains for Your Living Room


Curtains can completely transform the look of your home. They can be the charming stand-outs amongst decor elements of your living room that never fail to land you compliments galore. However, a minor blunder or a hasty decision while shopping can make them stand out like a sore thumb. The good news is that if you keep a few tips in mind, selecting the right type of custom curtains for functionality and aesthetics is not a difficult task.

If you want to buy curtains, one of the most important factors is the correct measurements. The most common cause of odd-looking curtains is a measurement error. It can be very simple to measure the length and width of windows and doors and convert those measurements into the dimensions of the ordered drapes – but it does take care and precision. Starting with this most common mistake below is our top list of errors to avoid when buying curtains for your living room.

Not Measuring For Your New Curtains Correctly

It’s a good idea to measure for curtains twice, so you only have to buy them once. If you make a measurement error, you may end up with curtains that are too short, too long, or narrow to meet their functional benefits.

Use steel tape for accurate measurements and keep a pen and paper handy. Remember that the exact length of your drapes and techniques to measure may vary based on which style of curtains you’ve chosen. You may need to measure the length of rod pocket curtains a bit differently than pinch pleat curtains, for example.

For width, first, measure the width of the window. Double this width and that should be the total width of your pair of curtains. For example, if your pole is 52 inches, order two panels of 52 inches each. If you want an even fuller look for your living room, multiply the pole width by three. Double it for a more minimalist & streamlined look.

Choosing The Wrong Curtain Length For Your Space

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Curtains for Your Living Room 2

Another faux pas when choosing curtains is picking the wrong curtain length for your living room. Short lengths like cafe curtain style lengths or sill length drapes are simply not suited to a formal space like a living room. While short lengths are practical in a kitchen or bathroom, they can look awkward in a living room. We recommend going for floor-to-ceiling curtains that are more elegant and suited for a living room. If you’d like to make your drapes truly dramatic, consider increasing length by another 6-12 inches so the drapes puddle on the floor. This is especially popular with silks and velvets that spell opulence.

Fabrics Not Matched To Decor Style

Before finalizing your purchase of custom roman shades or curtains for your living room, be sure to avoid selecting colors and patterns that clash with the rest of your palette and decor in the room. If your decor is traditional, consider patterns like paisleys and damasks that have a formal, traditional vibe. Similarly, if your decor is modern minimalist, you may prefer plain, while curtains that fit into the overall aesthetic and style of your living room.

Skipping the Lining

Since living rooms are the rooms where we frequently entertain and host, most homeowners choose the most expensive and delicate materials for these rooms. Materials such as silk and velvets are highly sought after. With expensive and delicate materials like these, it’s very important to line your drapes to protect the face fabric from fading and sun damage. Blackout lining – especially – has many benefits, including offering extra protection to other furnishings in your living room by blocking out the sun’s harmful rays.

Choosing the Wrong Heading Style

Not all curtains are created equal. Take a look at the top of any drapery and you’ll see what we mean. From grommet tops to pinch pleat headings, each top style has its own character and personality. Styles such as rod pockets and tab tops are better suited for casual living rooms while pinch pleats are better suited for formal and traditional living rooms. So choose the heading style of your drapes wisely and thoughtfully so it fits into the overall aesthetic of your living room.

Wrapping Up!

Every window in your home needs a bit of love and dressing up. Curtains not only regulate the amount of light that enters the room but also have a significant impact on appearance of a room. When purchasing curtains for your living room, always take your time. You might end up buying curtains that aren’t right for you if you make a hasty decision. You’ll get exactly what you want if you avoid these mistakes.


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