Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Motorcycle Gear


Congratulations! You have just bought your new motorcycle and got the learner’s permit. So, now what? It’s shopping for your motorcycle gear that is your next step. As a new rider, you have to make several decisions regarding your motorcycle gear.

There must be a lot of excitement in your heart, and you must be thinking about where to start now. But we will just take your five minutes! There are certain mistakes that most thinners make when they start shopping for motorcycle gear.

When there are countless options online and in stores, buying the best motorcycle gear becomes confusing. Motorcycle gear is expensive, and it is crucial for your safety and convenience. Avoiding mistakes when choosing motorcycle gear is your first step toward safe and comfortable riding.

Mistake No 1: Choosing a poorly fitted helmet

This is one of the most common mistakes and number 1 on our list. New riders often purchase poorly fitted helmets because they think they will grow into it or get that helmet for a low price. Some helmets are just made for a different head shape and size.

However, it is necessary to reject every helmet that does not fit you well. Helmets are designed to protect riders whom they fit properly. By wearing a too tight or too loose helmet, you will ultimately compromise your overall safety.

A loose helmet will make a gap and allow unnecessary movement of the head. When it constantly happens during a ride, it causes discomfort and fatigue to the rider.

It is reported that riders wearing very tight helmets are prone to headaches during and after their riding tours. It may also cause injury to the tongue and teeth during crashing. The constant pressure that a tight helmet exerts on the pressure points makes them sore and leaves the motorcycle rider exhausted after the ride.

For buying the helmet that fits appropriately you can do a little bit of research. The size charts are available on numerous websites so that you can order the right-sized helmet. When buying from a store, ask for assistance from staff to identify the exact size you require.

Mistake no 2: Not choosing the discipline-appropriate gear

In the haste of shopping, you might overlook the significance of choosing the appropriate gear for your discipline. However, this step is crucial and may become lifesaving in many instances. For example, if the Enduro tour is your next plan, you will require the gear that withstands falling on rocks and scratches from hill climb. In that case, your priority will be the longevity and durability of the motorcycle gear. In this way, you will be saved from the hassle of replacing it after every ride.

On the other hand, you will need a well-ventilated, lightweight set of gear for motocross racing. Investing in high-end Motocross Parts gear means that you are buying the most relaxing bike gear. Along with giving the best worth for your money, they will also help you perform your best even on the hottest days. So here, if you choose an enduro gear for the sake of durability instead of the breathable one, it will drain your energies during the race.

Mistake 3: Buying the Motorcycle Gear that doesn’t Fit Perfectly

It is very common to see motorcycle riders wearing very loose or very tight-fitted gear. Here is a basic guideline for the right-sizing of gear that guarantees a comfortable ride.

  • The pants must fit for the waist size, knee room, and leg length. Pants that are loosely fitted or tightly fitted are a major cause of distraction and discomfort for the motorcycle rider. Fortunately, most of the brands offer great adjustment features to fit all sizes.
  • In the same way, the length of the pants also matters. Too long or too short pants become inconvenient for the rider.
  • The pants should have ample room in the knee area to allow knee pads or knee braces. Pants that are tightly fitted around the knees reduce maneuverability and may also tear after use.
  • Before buying motorcycle over-pants, read this comprehensive guide on Throttle Buff..
  • The right size jersey should have space for a chest protector if you wear it while riding. Too long sleeves are often a cause of reduced grip on the handle.

Mistake 4: Buying Uncomfortable Gear

If you invest in something uncomfortable during a ride, you will unconsciously avoid wearing it. A carefully chosen gear is likely to keep you comfortable and relaxed in every situation. A gear that uncomfortable or does not fulfill its intended purpose is the greatest source of distraction for the rider. It may cause everything from minor injuries to life-threatening accidents. Good gear aims at increasing abrasion resistance.

Mistake 5: Purchasing the Wrong Boots

Estimate the weight of your motorcycle. Now you know that you have to support the entire weight of your motorcycle with your feet, ankles, and legs. Whether you ride on slippery surfaces, smooth surfaces, or even surfaces, your legs and feet must have perfect control over the motorcycle.

The boots you are considering must have non-slip, oil-resistant soles. Ankle support is another aspect that you should not neglect while buying the boots. The best riding boots must be sturdy enough to prevent twisting. This protection is provided by the presence of strong toe and heel boxes. An armor is placed in the area between the ankle and shin. It protects against major injuries involving feet and toes. But first of all, it must be secure enough to hold its place instead of flying off in case of an accident. The risk of broken toes and twisted ankles decreases when you wear proper riding boots.


Every day we notice motorcycle riders wearing flip flops, shorts, tank tops and riding with an attitude that nothing can stop them. Unaware of the dangers that await them and the price they may have to pay on the tiniest mistake, they continue to swirl on the roads.

Riding a motorcycle comes with its risks. Regardless of the weather conditions, motorcycle riding requires attentiveness and the right techniques. Motorcycle gear is designed to promote the safety and comfort of the riders. Wearing appropriate gear also reduces fatigue and tiredness for the rider.

Check Motorcycle Gear Lab and read their motorcycle gear reviews, Save some bucks while buying your motorcycle to purchase a decent quality helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, and boots.

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