Mix up the elements for an adorable bathroom décor


Sink faucets can feature in almost every small and large-scale bathroom upgrades for being the most readily available and heavily used appliance. You depend on this hardware for washing your face to brushing your teeth to other rituals. Yet, it can be easy to ignore its importance in your everyday life. You can be happy about a choice for its ability to eject a powerful force of water without splattering and splashing. Its clean finish and temperature control can be added attractions. But you may not have looked at it as an affordable feature that can change the whole ambiance just by being right there in the center of everything.

If you don’t believe it, consider choosing vessel sink faucets. A vessel faucet with its tall neck can complete a vessel sink look and functionality with ease. Since vessel basins sit atop the counter as opposed to undermount models, you need to pair them with something that starts from below the sink and extends well past its top edges. These usually come with single handles with perfect temperature and water flow control. Now, the thing is – how do you leverage its presence to pep up the entire sink area and overall bathroom décor? Here are some share-worthy ideas.

Mix it up to create the right cozy environment

bathroom black faucet

When designing a bathroom, you can have two distinct choices. You may want to see it evolve into a personal retreat with floods of soothing energy. Or, you can be interested in a bathroom that makes your guests go wow as soon as they enter it. No matter what you choose, you can fulfill your designing goals with different finishes, materials, and styles for sink faucets and sinks.

As per studies, people spend nearly 6 to 7 years of their lifetime in the bathroom. Hence, it is easy to assume why it may not be just another room for you. You can have certain expectations from it and plan to decorate it to create the coordinated aesthetic appeal. For your satisfaction, you can stick to emerging faucet trends. The mixed metals and new materials with a matte finish can come in handy for this purpose.

To be precise, you can buy a matte black faucet with a distinctive spout for your humble vessel sink. And with the tap, you can get multiple accessories in the same finish, such as a towel bar, paper holder, robe hook, and towel ring. You can use them as accents based on your taste and creativity. Or another option can be a pure white basin with a chrome finished faucet. If you don’t want to take any design risk, it can be ideal for exploring. The rounded shapes with crisp linear spouts can never be a wrong addition.

However, some people can be adventurous and incline toward creating drama in the bathroom with the classic combination of black and white. In that case, you can pair your white vessel bowl with a darker faucet. It will create a unique bathroom statement, especially if your walls and floors are also darker shades. The energy in the room will be quite relaxing. Due to this, you can enjoy whatever time you spend here, thinking about your future or immediate moment.

Play with the options for a sense of luxury

bathroom gold faucet

If it is your master bathroom, you can be more possessive about it. It is your personal space; therefore, you can have many emotions attached to it. Since you want to see it as the most comfortable and luxurious place, you may be open to trying anything to achieve your goal. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, you may also like to ensure it is equally practical. Compromising with storage cannot be the right thing. Anyway, the good thing is you can have a larger budget to spend on its makeover.

You can go bold with your choices. For example, you can have a large size vanity and place two vessel sinks on its top. You can equip them with two faucets also. The two sinks and faucets have to be the same color to avoid looking odd unless you know how to play with varied tones in the same area. Plus, these should vibe with the vanities, which can be tall or semi-tall. Designers say that a luxurious perfect bathroom has to look spacious also. And storage can be a significant contributing factor. So, try to visualize your bathroom with wall-mount vanities, recessed cabinets, and compact fixtures. Amidst them, a single-lever vessel sink faucet can secure its place hassle-free.

Before you start planning, decide whether you want to give your bathroom a traditional or modern look. Look at your personality and preferences for a hint. If your aesthetic sense inclines toward the conventional mindset, you can select decorative knobs for your cabinets and curved handles and spouts for your vessel faucet. Modern designs are more about sleek and angular things. They follow the rule of minimalism. Hence, any ornate details can feel too much. So, for this theme, waterfall faucets or faucets with a straight spout can look more relevant.

In this context, it is also essential to note that traditional faucets can somehow fit into modern settings, whereas contemporary faucets may not be suitable for a classical theme.

Decorating a bathroom can be exciting and personal. If you wish to give it a right look, it is better to keep your mind open and examine all the features closely. At the same time, you should not pick something just because of its engaging style. The choice can be justifiable only if you are comfortable using it. In stores, you can get plenty of features. Before you pick anything, make sure you can adjust to it.

Similarly, the design should also be able to adapt to the environment you create around it. Only then can you say that yours is a dream bathroom. So, when you shop for vessel faucets, keep all these factors in mind. Buy something when you are thoroughly convinced about it.

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