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What Is Mobile App Development?

A mobile application is a program designed for smartphones and tablets. Each gadget has its own operating system, which is taken into account when developing an application, for example, iOS and Android.

With this in mind, the mobile app development company and application development can be divided into two large blocks – front-end and server-side.

  • Accordingly, the Front-end part includes the components and options of the program which the user interacts with. For example, selection bar, control bar, parameter settings, and so on.
  • The back-end is the hidden part, the “back-end”. The developer interacts with these components through the server software.

In other words, creating a mobile application is writing a program where one part is on the user’s side – Front-end, and the other part is on the developer’s side – Back-end. This is done by a mobile application development firm or mobile app developers.

What are the main tasks of a mobile app development services company:

  • creating the ToR (terms of reference) for the development of a mobile application;
  • discussing with the customer the stages and progress of the project;
  • building the architecture of the application;
  • actual programming;
  • working with designers;
  • support for mobile applications;
  • working with testers on debugging and testing applications;
  • assistance in the creation of instructions for working with the finished application;
  • drawing up documentation;
  • placing apps in AppStore and Google Play Market, Amazon Appstore, Opera Mobile Store and other mobile app stores.

Why Do You Need Mobile Application Development Service Providers?

With the current variety on the market, it is difficult to distinguish what exactly applications are for. But we can roughly list those business classifications where the presence of an application plays an important role as an auxiliary business tool. Quite often applications also become a project in their own right.

1. For business

  • quick search for information;
  • data summary;
  • keeping records;
  • sorting of databases and documents;
  • scheduling and reminder of events;
  • tax accounting;
  • a summary of business news and laws, etc.

2. For marketing

  • maintaining social pages;
  • planning publications;
  • auto processing of graphic materials;
  • collection of sales statistics;
  • collection of data on brand mentions.

3. For personal goals

  • educational, developmental, language programs;
  • psychological tests for knowing oneself, revealing a leader in oneself;
  • converters, trackers, accounting, keeping costs and incomes;
  • sports apps for calculating calories, apps with workouts;
  • personal diary.

Main advantages of the application:

  1. The program’s interface is designed specifically to work on a mobile device;
  2. Convenient and user-friendly navigation, mobile menu;
  3. Better interaction with the user through messages, push notifications, reminders.
  4. The app can perform functions even in the background, which cannot be said about the website.
  5. You don’t need to open a browser to work with the program, and many apps support a number of functions even when the Internet is turned off;
  6. Storage of personal data of the user. This feature expands the possibilities of personalization of the applications. For example, calling a cab at home (residence registration), making an appointment with a doctor using a medical policy, and other benefits;
  7. More flexible feedback to the company, service;
  8. You can use more resources. For example, connect geolocation and call a car anywhere in the city;
  9. Apps can take into account a person’s biological rhythms and notify them of the need to follow a regimen.
  10. In fact, the functionality of mobile apps has long surpassed adapted websites. Today you can download and install programs for business, training, organizers with reminder options, entertainment content, and various services on your smartphone.

How To Use Mobile App Development Cost Calculator

How To Use Mobile App Development Cost Calculator

1. Select Mobile Application Development from the Services section.

2. In the left sector, click Calculate the quote


  • choose below MOBILE;
  • programming languages will appear on the right, select the one you need and click next;


  • select the desired deadlines and click next;


  • Fill in the form that appears, indicate a comment, more detailed of what you want and for what area of business.

6. Expect an email response from a JoinSoft specialist.

How To Order Mobile App Development Services?

  1. On the main page of the site, go to the Services section.
  2. Select Mobile Application Development from the list that appears.
  3. Check out the information provided.
  4. At the end or at the beginning of the page click on Contact Us.
  5. Fill in the form and wait to be contacted by a JoinSoft specialist.

What Do You Get After Work With Mobile App Development Agency?

  1. Ready-made individual developed mobile application
  2. Signing the NDA and transferring all intellectual property rights upon completion.
  3. Testing – checking the program for compliance with all the requirements for it.
  4. Active communication – instant answers to inquiries and technical support even after the completion of the project.
  5. Guaranteed security of the customer’s property.
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