Mobile Gambling – what are the advantages for players in 2022?

Among the great advances in technology, cell phones are one of the most relevant electronic devices nowadays. This is due to the practicality of these devices when performing different activities online and offline. Despite their compact size, they are equipped with the necessary technology to perform demanding activities that are normally performed on a computer. This makes it a highly comfortable for users.

And it is precisely smartphones, which became popular in the late 2000s after the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, with its touch screen and virtual keyboard, that have revolutionized the relationship with technology, including today’s gaming culture. But what is it about mobile games that will make them popular in 2022?

The free-to-play model

When you think about it, many gambling games can be played for free on mobile. For one thing, you can play slots and blackjack through free apps. You won’t win any money. But you will have a lot of fun doing it.

At the other end, you can get the latest offers from fast payout casinos on online platforms to play a wide range of slots and table games for real money. For more information, many gambling sites offer free spins to new customers, which can be used to play top slots like Starburst and Twin Spin before you even link your debit card.

The availability of free games means that anyone with a smartphone and Internet access can be a player. In fact, more than 60% of online casino players do so via their mobile devices. This is a crucial advantage for those who don’t spend much time at home.

Technological advantages of playing from mobile

Playing remotely is great. Mobile casinos allow you to spin slot machines or bet on blackjack while commuting to work, to take a break when you’re studying or working or whenever you feel like it. But while this is the main advantage of being able to play casino games from your smartphone, there are more factors that bring new benefits:

Login with Face Unlock or Touch ID.

Although this feature is limited, for the moment, to iOS applications, it is one of the most sophisticated advances. And it is surely soon to be implemented on Android devices as well. Instead of logging into your game account with a username and password, you do it with your fingerprint or facial unlock.

Push notifications

Don’t miss an update, new game or new promotions by using notifications in your casino app. This way, you will receive a message every time there is an update relevant to you, without even having to be logged in.

Shake Your Phone to Play

There are mobile casino games in casino apps, which, just as you read it, by shaking or moving your phone, you will activate the reels of the slot you are playing. This is one of the most innovative features and generates a different and curious experience.

Other technological advances

It is proven that the rise of mobile gambling has a lot to do with technology. Think about graphics, processing speed, gameplay, mechanics, plots and music. Not only do they have 3D graphics and high-end video resolutions, but they are also more innovative, exciting and detailed.

And then there are live games, perhaps the most significant advance in recent years for gamers. They are a unique experience for users, who can enjoy a live game with a dealer at a roulette wheel or at a real blackjack table, at any time and from anywhere. In addition, the technology of live streaming together with modern smartphones presents an incredible gameplay never seen before.