Modern Methods Of Commercial Construction – The Designs And Trends You Can Expect To See


It’s not just the invention of the PC to supersede the typewriter, or technological coffee machines that have replaced the coffee pot that have revolutionized the office environment. The way that people live and work has changed dramatically too, and with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that office and administrative support is the largest occupational group in the country, any new commercial property must meet the wants and needs of the people who will be using it in order to be a success. So what are the trends you can expect to see in commercial property design right now?

Interchangeable inside and outside working

Innovation in architecture and engineering allow modern commercial property to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor environments, using strategic design which takes into account how people want to move around and use the space. Large fold-away walls can open up capacity on warmer days, and shut out the cold when people would prefer to work, eat or shop inside, whilst ‘the Internet of Things’ offers the opportunity for technological integration (including wireless networks, remote controlled access to appliances, and data sharing) to enable improved wellbeing, health and safety, whilst also increasing the aesthetics of a property. Modern construction methods add to this trend, with sustainable timber cladding increasingly used to help blend the boundaries of space. But during the construction phase, it is a must nowadays that you use a concrete forming system. Find here the best concrete forms for sale and avail the most suited option for your construction project.

Open plan offices

The open plan theme continues across office spaces, with many modern commercial properties offering large open areas that can be divided as necessary. Many managers now choose to sit in amongst other staff, rather than all workers being segregated into individual spaces – something that is thought to improve communication and workplace morale. This use of space also ties in to the modern trend of ‘hot-desking’, which offers no fixed workspace for the majority of staff; rather, staff can choose when to work, and where, mixing with other teams and sections while they do.

Energy efficiency and an eco-friendly environment

With a rapid move towards zero-energy building and carbon neutral materials and construction, maximizing the potential for eco-conscious design is a must in modern commercial property construction. Passive energy, natural light, and energy efficiency through ventilation, heat recovery systems and solar power, all help to create a new building that’ll be sustainable and cost less to run – both things that boost value and marketability. The options you choose to incorporate will vary regionally due to climate – so commercial builders in Austin may wish to focus on passive cooling and ventilation systems due to the warm-subtropical weather and milder winters, whereas builders in states with colder climates such as Dakota could prioritize insulation and heat exchange technology.  Its also important to consider safety topics for construction as well.

Staying on top of the latest trends will mean any construction you carry out is cost-effective, energy efficient, utilizes the latest technology, and will stay fit for the future. Revamp your supply lines, change up your construction methods, and ensure your equipment is efficient and effective – the result will be commercial property that is in high demand and works for whichever industry wants to use it.



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