Modern Roofing: A Guide to Designer Shingles and Luxury Roofs

Whether you are building your dream home or renovating your current home, it deserves the best. Why not invest money into a luxury roof? We have put together this modern roofing guide to share more about designer shingles and luxury roofs.  You can find a lot of info at RooferInCT and get a guide on roofing.

Keep reading to learn more about what they are and why make the switch.

What Are Designer Shingles?

Designer shingles are still asphalt shingles but they are layered giving them a three-dimensional appearance and look. After they are layered they can be cut to a unique style to add a personal touch to your home.

You can choose to have them cut to look like clay tile roofs or even cut to look like wood shakes. Designer shingles can be cut to look like other roofing materials, giving you plenty of options.

Designer shingles also come in many colors so if you are planning on having them cut to look like clay tiles you can choose a color to mimic the clay looking tiles above your home. If you choose to spend a little more (on average $1-$1.10+ per square foot) you won’t regret the extra splurge once your new roof is installed.

Why Choose a Luxury  Roof?

One of the reasons for choosing a luxury and designer shingle roof is the aesthetics. These roofs can give the appearance of luxury simply because of the sculpted edges and its high definition appearance thanks to the layering of the asphalt shingles.

If you choose to go with an Old World look or Victorian look, the versatility that comes with opting for designer shingles makes that possible. In addition, designer shingles mimic other roofing materials but without the extra maintenance that comes with roofs like cedar shakes or slate tiles.

Another reason to opt for designer shingles is that it is also stronger and more durable because of the layered construction design. This helps protect your home from fire, wind, and algae.

The roof above your head is also home to another important area of your home, your gutter guards. These will help keep any debris moving rather than allowing any junk to sit on your roof. Your roofing company can help you design the perfect modern roof to ensure that it blends well with your gutters when it comes to aesthetics.

Ready for Your Modern Roofing?

Now that you learned more about modern roofing and designer shingles, are you ready to make the switch? Modern roofing is heavier than regular asphalt roofs giving your home extra security above you and your family’s heads.

Do not forget your roof is much more than shingles. A well built modern roof will start with a strong deck and will include water-repellent underlayment along with attic ventilation. Make sure you ask your roofing contractor to give you a breakdown of everything they will do when they build your new roof.

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