More About Operation, Performance, And Savings Of Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar water heating systems con offer up to ninety percent of your hot water requirements. Such a system can convert heat from the sun at about 2/3 times ambient on a sunny, clear day, contingent on the type of system you have installed. Even though solar water systems will still operate on cloudy days, most solar models are fitted with backup gas or electric boosters to ensure you are not running out of hot warm water. 

Operation Of Solar Water Heating Systems

  • During Overcast Weather Conditions

The solar water heating system will still work. The evacuated tube systems are particularly effective in these conditions. If light is scarce and it is very overcast, the gas or electric booster can assist with heating the water. 

  • Longevity

The life of your solar water heating system is dependent on how regularly it is serviced, how it is utilized, and where it is installed. These systems typically last for more than ten years and come with warranties of five to ten years.

  • Solar at Night

Your solar water heating system works harder during the day to warm water to still be hot enough to utilize at night and during the next morning.  Insulation in the hot water tank ensures that your water temperature levels do not drop, while the electric or gas booster remains on standby.

  • Safety And Reliability

It is vital that you select an accredited solar heater water system installer for installing your system. When installed correctly and maintained, your solar heating water system is exceptionally reliable and safe. 

  • Flat Roofs

Homes with flat roofs can still benefit from solar hot water systems. For flat roofs, the solar collectors are raised so that they can access energy from the sun. 

  • Are These Systems Weatherproof?

A solar water heating system are designed for withstanding the harshest weather conditions, from freezing cold conditions, including hailstorms, to blistering heat. 

  • Insurance Coverage

If you possess home building insurance and your solar water heating system is listed on the policy, you should have coverage in case of it being stolen or damaged. Be sure to double check with your insurer.

Savings And Performance Of Solar Water Heating Systems

  • Which Size System Must You Install?

Generally, a household with two to four persons must install a system of 250-280 litres, while those with 4-8 persons will require a system that ranges from 300-400 litres. Hot water usage patterns must be factored in when selecting the size of your system.

  • How Much Savings Can One Expect?

Solar water heating systems offer significant savings for homeowners over their lifespan. Savings can differ from state to state; however, an average household can save up to nine hundred dollars a year on their water heating accounts. Apart from the energy bill savings, one can also benefit from government incentives and rebates. In many states, you can save over a thousand dollars on the initial purchase price of a system. Conditions however apply, therefore speak to the installer to check if you qualify.