More On Skincare Tips For Men As Listed By Dermatologists


A good daily skin care regime is not just applicable to women. Men must also look after their skin. Averting oil secretion and maintaining a balanced skin is essential for men as well. When compared to women, men’s skin contains more elastin and collagen which makes it thicker and firmer, hence any signs of aging are only visible much later. However, following a daily skin care regime can prevent the signs of aging even further and give you a younger looking appearance for much longer. It is paramount for men to look after their skin and engage in a daily cleansing routine, according to the experts.  For more skincare tips click here at

A List Of Tips For Men To Keep Their Skin Healthy And Good-Looking

Knowing What Your Skin Type Is

Before starting your skincare regime, this is the first thing you should know. Undergo a tissue test and assess whether you have oily, dry or combination skin. Usually, people that has oily skin are prone to having oil on the T-zone (nose, chine and forehead). You can check if this is true by using tissue paper and getting more familiar about the type of skin you have.

Selecting The Right Products According To Your Skin Type

There are numerous types of skin care brands and products for men and women alike, and most products are manufactured specifically to address specific skin factors. Choose your skin care products wisely. Have a look at Anoque skin care range for men. They have a broad selection of skin care products to choose from.

Following A Regular Cleansing Routine

Men must cleanse their face twice daily by utilizing a mild face wash that is suited to their skin type. Since skin is prone to getting oily through the day and starts blocking pores, a regular cleansing routine is essential to maintain healthy skin. Be watchful about which products you choose and make sure they are not drying out your skin. If so, change the products to a more suitable one.


Dirt and oil tend to accumulate on the skin of your face and leads to whiteheads or blackheads and it forms a layer of dead skin cells. Exfoliation is excellent for shedding off this layer and leaving your skin looking and feeling smooth and healthy. If you have oily skin, be sure to use a salicylic acid-based scrub.

Don’t Forget About Using SPF

SPF is a critical part of any skincare routine since it acts as protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun that results in sunburn, tanning and subsequently early aging. A sunscreen of SPF of 30 is suitable for men and must be applied daily. Reapplying of skin care is the second phase towards increasing the effectiveness.


After thorough cleansing and exfoliation, moisturizing is necessary for keeping the skin supple, soft and hydrated. Hand cream and body lotions are both great choices.


You may have heard about dermarollers or Microneedling before. It’s an innovative skincare technique and an effective treatment which is fast, inexpensive and painless as well. Microneedling dramatically improves the skin by repairing visible damage skin including acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and pigmentation and make it firmer, smoother, and suppler. All you have to do is to massage your face up and down gently with the roller.

There are varieties of rollers available in the market but it’s hard to choose the one that you can trust. You will definitely love DermRollers, the #1 skin needling tool in Australia. Made from 100% safe medical grade titanium microneedles, this is the highest quality and trusted roller which is also well-reviewed by the experts.

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