More Than Just Likes: How to Fire Up Online Customer Engagement

Do you know what separates the brand that customers just know about and the brand that customers are die-hard, loyal fans of?

It’s simple: customer engagement.

The level of customer engagement that you can drive with your brand is absolutely crucial to the overall success of your brand. If you market your business online, then focusing on increasing the level of online customer engagement that you experience should be the top priority.

Remember that customer engagement isn’t just about likes. An Instagram like or a Twitter favorite is the smallest amount of interaction that a member of your target audience can have with your brand. When it comes to customer engagement, you want to go big and generate levels of engagement that represent a significant investment from your customers. Instagress was great for IG engagement but now you can try a lot of alternatives of it.

Learning how to do all that, though, is hardly a straightforward task if you aren’t yet familiar with the underlying concepts that form the foundation of Internet-based audience engagement. Lucky for you, we’re going to teach you how to increase online engagement in this article.

Run Contests and Giveaways

It’s no secret that humans like competition. It’s why we watch the Super Bowl. It’s why we played basketball in high school. It’s why we’re always trying to get ahead in the corporate world. There’s just something innately attractive about winning to the human mind.

That’s exactly why contests work so well to increase engagement with your customers. A simple social media contest that instructs participants to share stories about your brand for a chance to win free product can be wildly successful. Such contests have the potential to grow viral. Virality will tremendously exponentiate your overall exposure. It does so while driving up the level of experienced engagement.

Request Feedback

Another thing that humans love to do is feel invested in something. The best way to make your customers feel invested in your brand is by requesting (and then implementing) their feedback. This creates a feeling of ownership with the brand, increasing customer loyalty.


Last but not least, remember to personalize the content that you deliver to your target audience as much as possible. This is one of my favorite tips to build your brand.

After all, just think about it. Aren’t you much more likely to interact with a brand that appears to have taken the time to get to know you and deliver specific content that you will enjoy?

Whether it’s a customized outbound sales process, marketing automation segmentation, or other personalization technology, it’s crucial that you make your customers feel special to your brand if you want to increase engagement.

Online Customer Engagement is Absolutely Crucial

There you have it — with these three simple hacks, you’re ready to start increasing the level of online customer engagement that your brand receives today. All of these three tips are founded on basic psychological principles that inspire loyalty between people and brands.

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