More Travel Concerns For Vegas


It came as a surprise to many travelers when it had been announced that bars and casinos would reopen in Vegas at a time where the pandemic was still an ongoing issue within the US – and many of the concerns would ring true too, just two weeks following the reopening as expected the state saw a dramatic increase in positive tests which would continue to rise day on day, and have now led to further concerns around whether or not many of these locations should stay open in the foreseeable future.

It had recently been announced that a month following the reopening of Vegas on a wider scale, the increase in cases has been a cause for concern and now many bars in the state have been requested to close again with the governor Steve Sisolak attributing the rising COVID-19 cases. What has been a surprise, however, is that casinos were not included within this mandate to close with no official reason given as to why they will remain open and given how heavily trafficked they currently are and may become with alternatives closing, it does have many believing that continued rising of cases will force the hand somewhat.

It had been suggested that up to 50% of all visitors who travel to Vegas are domestic coming from either inside Nevada or neighbouring states, and with international travel especially to the US still being restricted for many, the cases are more or less limited to US nationals visiting the state – but with cases continuing to climb it does mean that international travellers perhaps looking to visit Vegas for a summer holiday may be a little out of luck and options are quickly becoming limited – but also leading to a changing attitude for many as it seems the risk of going would be far too high.

There are many alternatives, however, for would be punters – despite changes in regulation for many countries such as the UK with recent bans on credit card gambling alongside changes to initiatives such as Gamstop making online gambling difficult for many, there are a growing number of services found at Maximum Casinos that aren’t on gamstop and offer players a safe online alternative if they’re looking to scratch that gambling itch but realising offline brick and mortar options may be out of the picture for quite some time.

If you are looking to travel at any point in the near future, it’s important to follow all travel guidelines issued domestically to ensure as much safety as possible – if you are looking toward the US and Vegas in general, in may be even more important to keep an eye on the news to see any changes that may be coming – as mentioned many are suggesting that the recent closure for bars will extend to casinos in the short term – the last thing you’d like is to show up just for everything to be closed, and most importantly stay safe with online alternatives where possible.

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