Most Anticipated Movies Of 2019


2019 stands out as quite an interesting year for movie lovers. There are so many incredible releases that are already announced and who knows what dark horses will become really popular? Obviously, any list of the most anticipated movies will be a little subjective. However, those mentioned below are new film releases that have a really high possibility of being really successful because people are already talking about them for a long time now.

All Marvel Films

It is incredibly hard to choose between the Marvel movies. Captain Marvel already had a great debut and people from all around talk about it. Then, literally anyone that likes action movies is waiting for April 26th since this is when Avengers: Endgame will be released. We also have a brand new X-Men movie and the release of New Mutants might be the dark horse of the Marvel films.

All Disney Films

Disney is now working really hard to produce some quality entertainment for as many people as possible. In 2019 there are 5 Disney movies that will be released. They are either remakes or sequels and will surely make millions of people happy. Titles like Toy Story 4, Aladdin, Dumbo and, of course, Frozen 2, will be big box office hits.  We are always excited about what will be coming out of Disney and Pixar.

Star Wars Episode IX

It is practically impossible to create a list of new movies of 2019 without talking about this one since it is the official conclusion of the brand new trilogy under the Star Wars name. We will now see how Skywalkers end up and there will surely be a lot of controversy surrounding the movie. During Summer we should see hype starting but there is already enough of it to anticipate a large viewership.


DC is trying to go towards a new direction and Shazam is the first of that direction. We are talking about the very first one in the modern era, a solo outing for the comic book character that was not featured in Justice League. Shazam is all about a foster child that ends up meeting a wizard. As a result, he gets superhuman powers activated by saying the word. Zachary Levi will be Shazam and only time will tell if the movie will be as successful as Aquaman.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

This is one of those movies that instantly stand out and catch all people by surprise. Detective Pikachu was all done under the radar and ever since the November 2018 trailer, people have been talking. Pikachu is a beloved character that millions love. Combine this with Ryan Reynolds being his voice and we are faced with a sure recipe for success.

IT: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is a continuation of the 2017 reimagined IT movie that got quite great reviews and a large viewership. We expect numerous scares to hit the screen and Bill Skarsgard will be back to make us terrorized by the creepy clown. September 6 is the date when Chapter 2 will hit the theaters, which is exactly when you want to see it.

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