Most Effective Natural Mouse Deterrent to Keep Them Away

Mice problem surely will cost you many efforts to get rid of them far away from your house. Many people have struggled only to find a way to get rid of the mice from the attic with cost-effective and humane method. Finding mouse repellent actually is not difficult thing to do since there are many mouse repellents being sold on the market. Many of the products being labeled as the best mouse repellent.

The deterrent that being offered on the market mostly is a short-term deterrent. The consequence of using short-term deterrent it you need to constantly replace the old ones with the new ones. Besides, a trap is quite often being used to get rid of the mice from home. But, you need to clean it up after the trap worked.

You can also use natural mouse deterrent to get rid of the mice from your house attic. The advantages of using natural mouse deterrents are cost-effective and mostly safer than using chemical solutions. Then, what are natural mouse repellent that will work effectively? Here are the tips.

Best Natural Mouse Deterrent that Will Work for You

Mice are considered as one of the clever critters that will force you to think harder to get rid of them. Their existence is very hard to avoid since their small size makes them able to squeeze through amazingly small holes. This rodent critter, after all, is amazingly very fast in breeding. In a very short time, one pair of mice breeding can produce 20 or many more babies.

Moreover, if you choose to kill the mice using poison, it won’t get rid of the mice for a long time. Poison will make the mice killed slowly and it is inhumane in many ways. Besides, not every mice will killed once they eat the poison. They can also dead in any part of the house causing bad strong odor around the house.

Actually, you can make your own homemade mouse repellent quite easy. Here are the steps you should follow to keep the mice away from home.

  • Investigate where the mice coming from

You should know where the mice come from to prevent any other mice come to your house. To do it is quite easy and simple. You only need to follow mouse droppings that will lead you to the opening hole that you never realize before.

  • Blocking the hole

After you found the opening gate for the mice, you need to block the gate using steel wool. Why steel wool? It is because this material is something that the mice cannot chew through. A mouse is rodent critter that highly competent in chewing almost every material, except steel wool. Blocking their way with steel wool is the first prevention method of letting them enter the house.

  • Keep your house clean

Maybe not every clean house is clean from mice too. But, mice will likely be invading filthy and grime house. The mice want to get in because they smell strong odors from food littering our floor or table. Mouse has amazingly strong sense of smell so you better store the food in airtight storage.

They also invading our house because of leaky pipes which will give them “free” water resources. Piles of clothes at the corner of the room will serve as the best nesting place for the mice. Therefore, you need to clean up all around the house to keep the mice away.

  • Sealed the food in airtight containers

Don’t believe in packaging only to secure your food stock. Mouse is very good at chewing. They will easily chew your food packaging in only one night! And the next morning you will wake up in surprise since your food is bitten by the mice.

Sealed your food in an airtight container will be the best natural mouse deterrent since you deprive your food. You also need to clean all the food crumbs to keep the mouse away.

  • Keep your trash away

Trash can be the next food source for the mice if they cannot find the fresh one. The mice will chew anything as long as their hunger is gone. This way we can easily find any mice in dump trucks or garbage can since they are searching for food there. Therefore don’t let your garbage pile up in your home. Dump the trash as soon as the bin full.

  • Having a cat as a pet

Cat is a natural enemy of the mouse. So having cat as a pet in your house will help you to get rid of the mouse away. Maybe the cat cannot kill all the mice in your house, but the existence of cat in your house will scare the mice away. So that your house will safe from mice.

How to build your own homemade mouse repellent?

You can build a natural mouse deterrent using safe items that won’t hurt anything even the mouse. All you need is preparing toilet roll tube, teaspoon full of peanut butter as the bait to lure the mouse, and empty plastic container. Here are the steps to build your natural mouse deterrent.

  • Place the teaspoon full of peanut butter inside of the roll tube while the roll tube on the edge of the table. Place the teaspoon on the edge of the roll which hanging off on the edge of the table
  • Place the empty plastic container below the roll tube. Don’t forget to place the lid nearby the container
  • When the mouse attracts with the smell of the peanut butter, they will enter the empty toilet roll tube. When the mouse is moving inside the roll, it will cause the roll drop into the plastic container because of the weight. When the mouse is inside the empty container, place the lid on the container. Set the mouse free away from your home.

This idea maybe needs a lot of effort to do. But of course we want long-term result right? The key is you have to keep your house clean so it won’t attract mouse from getting in.