Most Extreme Hunting Destinations on Earth

Knowing a hunting ground down to the last bush gives you a huge advantage but it’s not necessarily a good thing. Namely, after years of sitting in the same ambush, your hunter’s instinct is probably bunt and you feel outright bored. Stepping out of the comfort zone is just the thing you need as you should take your love for hunting game international. Here are some of the most extreme hunting destinations on Earth for you to explore.

Wrangel Island in Russia

When you think of Alaska as a hunting destination, the grizzly bear is probably the first animal that comes to your mind. However, just across the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska lies the Russian island of Wrangel. According to paleontologists, this was one of the last refuges of the wooly mammoth before it went extinct at the end of the last Ice Age. Today, the island is famous for its herds of musk oxen who roam the tundra freely.

Sonoran Desert in Mexico

One of the most famous Mexican deserts, the Sonoran desert, stretches far into Arizona and California as well. A landscape straight out of an old Western movie is the habitat of the desert bighorn. The animal is so well adapted to the living conditions in the desert that hunting it down will be no easy task. You will need to get up with the break of dawn to start the hunt for this giant ram. Just be sure you are efficient by sundown because the nights in the desert can be quite chilly.

Himalayas in Pakistan

You probably didn’t know but the Himalayas are a popular destination not only for climbers but for hunters too. While your peers dream about conquering Mount Everest, you dream of tracking ibex, blue sheep, and markhor up the steep mountain slopes. The country in which tourism is best developed in the region is Pakistan, where gun skirmishes, border disputes, and occasional wars are least felt. Even with the help of local guides, the mountains of Pakistan still account for some of the ruggedest terrain for hunting where only hardcore hunters can thrive.

The steppes in Mongolia

The central Asian country of Mongolia is one huge hunting ground on its own. Most of the population still lives on the road, carrying their yurts wherever they go. Mongolia is also home to the Marco Polo sheep, a species of mountain sheep like no other on the planet. However, you need to be able to run to finish the kill as a wounded Marco Polo sheep can traverse tens of kilometers across the treeless, grassy steppe before it finally succumbs to the injuries. Even then consider yourself lucky as the surrounding mountains are barren, uninhabited, and hard to access.

Patagonia in Argentina

Shared by Chile and Argentina, the South American region of Patagonia is considered by many the end of the Earth because of its rugged terrain and the sparsity of population. The most common game hunters flock to Patagonia for are imported axis deer and red stag but it’s the wild Père David’s deer that’s the most attracting animal to hunt here. The species is now extinct in its native land in China and can only be found in this corner of the planet. However, their numbers aren’t huge, so you’ll have to trek a bit to find a Père David’s deer to shoot. So if you are going to travel in patagonia , you will need patagonia survival insurance

These were just some of the most challenging hunting grounds across the planet. As you might have noticed, they are all in remote regions of the world. As a result, these hunting destination are nothing like your dull ambush back home and you’ll have to put your hunting abilities to the test if you want to catch the game you are after.