Most Obscure Sports in the World

We’re pretty sure everyone knows someone who is good at or enjoys playing at least one sport. It can be basketball, volleyball, chess, soccer, or football. But have you even heard about sports such as chess boxing, wife carrying, or camel wrestling? If not, then you’re in for a treat. Because we live in a very strange world that’s why we are here to give you a list of the most obscure sports in the world.

1. Wife Carrying

Wife carrying

If you always wanted to get your wife off your back, then this sport is not for you. Wife carrying originated in Finland and it’s main goal is a man will have to carry his wife while getting through a tough obstacle course. Winners of this sports event will win an amount of money that is five times of their wife’s height, a traditional beer that is equivalent of their wife’s weight and a chance to compete on the championship in Finland.

2. Chess Boxing

Chess boxing

This sport lives up to its name because this game’s goal is to knockout your opponent while you are trying to checkmate him. Don’t worry because you will not do this all at the same time. This game consists of 11 rounds in which both players take turns and alternate playing between chess and boxing.

3. Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling

Cheese rolling is an event that takes place at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, UK. Competitors have to race after a cheese wheel that is rolled down a steep hill. The first one who will reach the bottom of the hill will win the cheese. Although it may sounds fun and safe, several injuries were reported every event because of the steepness of the hill.

4. Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing

Want to be extreme but you still have chores to do? Well, you might want to try this exciting extreme sports called extreme ironing. All you have to do is go to a remote location like a mountain top, river, even underwater and iron your clothes like a pro. Some people even do this extreme “sport” while hanging from cliffs, skiing, on top of vehicles and even snowboarding.

5. Egg throwing

Egg throwing

You may not believe this but there is actually a group named “World Egg Throwing Federation” and according to them, egg throwing has been played by early humans when they discovered the fun of watching another person catch the tossed egg. This game originated in Swanton, England and it also involves different variation of games.

6. Musical Canine Freestyle

Musical Canine Freestyle

This rising sport involves dogs and humans that performs together. They combine tricks, dance, training, and yes, musical canine freestyle. The secret to this sport is you have to have a well-trained, obedient dog and have him follow all the tricks so you both can dance to the song.

7. Toe Wrestling

You read it right. Toe wrestling is a sport that involves to people to go “toe-to-toe”. They just have to remove their socks, interlock their toes and pin down the opponent’s foot. This is the counterpart of thumb wrestling which dates back to 1976.

8. Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey

Field hockey and ice hockey are too mainstream. You should try doing underwater hockey or also known as “Octopush” for a change. This game is slowly earning popularity worldwide because in some country, they don’t need to wait for snow or build a rink just to play hockey. All they need Is a pool and they’re all set to play. The rules are simple, the two opposing teams will try to push the puck off the floor of the swimming pool with a stick and score a goal. This game was first played in 1980.

9. Camel Wrestling

If you think toe wrestling is weird, think again. Things can get weirder because we humans love to wrestle with camels too. Even though camels are not known for their wrestling skills, they get triggered whenever there is a female camel nearby and that is how camel wrestling usually begins.

10. Bog Snorkeling

The English people really thinks of everything, right? Believe it or not, they also invented this game where the rules are you’re going to swim into 120 meters of bog and you are not allowed to use conventional swimming strokes, you will just have to rely on your flippers to do the swimming for you.

These are the most obscure sports we have gathered for you. We hope you had fun reading as much as we had fun putting up this list because we have to admit, those are some strange but funny sports we never thought existed.