Most Popular Garage Doors Styles for 2021


In 2021 Magnetic screen doors will become more popular for use on garage doors. It make  unique style of every garage but garage styles have drastically changed over the years. They have gone from being non-existent (before the car was invented) to the average two-car to three-car ones that many households now have attached to their homes. And this does not even account
for luxury garages that celebrities with million-dollar mansions such as “The Tonight Show” show host Jay Leno have built, which houses 150 cars and 117 motorcycles, and
is a total of 122,000 square feet.

Until the horse-and-buggy mode of transportation changed, garages were unimportant. People once set their buggies down next to their horses in their barns and went inside
their homes. It was not considered necessary to store them in a separate area. With the invention of the car, however, homeowners decided that storing their cars in a manure-filled barn was not ideal, so they built separate carriage houses.

The first carriage houses had two large doors that swung open outward to let a car pass through. These eventually turned into rooms specifically attached to their homes for the purpose
of just storing their car, which gave birth to the modern garage.

In 1921, a man named C.G. Johnson, who started the Overhead Door Corporation, devised the first sectional garage door, or the one that most are familiar with today. It
went up vertically into the top of the garage and was parallel with the ceiling. Five years later, in 1926, he invented the first garage door opener. The first models
used a key inserted into a post at the end of the driveway, and then later a switch inside the garage.

Since then, garage door use is more and common, as are remote door openers and even smart garage openers that let you control your garage door from your cellphone.
In fact, garages have become so popular and necessary in our modern age that even 24-hour garage door service is available!

Modern garage doors have become somewhat of statement pieces. More and more people are beginning to use them to express their personal style and to accent the
unique qualities of their homes.

This trend, which has been occurring throughout the last few years, is expected to gain more traction in 2020. Exterior designer Cassie McDowell of exterior design firm Brick &
Batten said on her website that throughout the past year, homeowners have been signaling that they are planning to make their garages “front and center.”

Less and less, it appears that standard white garage doors will be the norm. Four of the most popular styles currently include carriage style doors, lighted glass, metal and those
made from environmentally friendly materials, such as wood.

Ironically, carriage-style doors, which were once considered a hassle and resulted in the invention of the automatic garage doors we see now, are back in style. Only this time,
many of them are fake.

That is to say that they look like two doors that open, but the door actually moves in a vertical direction so as not to block the passage of a car. Well-known home improvement guru Bob Vila’s home improvement blog even commented that “faux wooden carriage-style doors are now to home exteriors what granite countertops are to kitchens!”

Whatever you decide, don’t be afraid to make a statement this year with your garage door. You may just find that your neighbors like what you and even copy your style,
which will help increase the entire value of the neighborhood and make it a more unique place to live.

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