Most Popular Tourist Destinations in the Philippines


The Philippines holds many attractive places where you can take your next travel adventure to. It is packed with many wonderful sceneries and exotic places to visit. Putting this traveler sightseeing location on your travel bucket list will be a dream that comes true for you.

Boracay Island

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines is Boracay Island. Perched in West Visayas territory, Boracay is the talk-of-the-town by locals and visitors alike, mainly because of its picturesque beaches that are found there. The island caters to people of every age, whether young or old and is a well-liked thrown-back destination where everyone can go for a relaxing time away from the hustle as well as bustle of a stressful period. Boracay Island consists of trendy hot beach spots such as found at White Beach, Puka Shell Beach, Diniwid Beach and Cagban Beach that are all beckoning to you to come and explore them. If hiking is your scene, then you can take a trek up to Mount Luho, which is the highest point found in Boracay and view the spectacular island surroundings.


Palawan is a delightsome haven where tourists often flock to. Its interior consists of gorgeous mountainous regions, exciting hidden caves and forestry jungles that make you want to become a returning visitor to the area. Elegant and dazzling limestone that makes up the Geography of Palawan can be seen in the city as well. says that Palawan tourists spots are some of the best loved places found in the Philippines Island. While you are in Palawan, you should visit El Nido where you will find an array of wonderful things to do there. The El Nido region offers you a chance to set off and go island hopping where you can view the magnificent line of beaches found there. The region of Palawan has many exotic bird species to enjoy watching as well. These species of migrating birds include 170 birds, including the Hornbill, Scops-owl and Swift-lets that dwell in the Palawan caves found in the region.

Calamba City

Calamba City is an outstanding place where locals and tourists gather for a time of fun in the sun. It was here that the famous Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal was born. As part of the Philippines’ best fantastic tourist attraction, Calamba City consists of many beautiful and fun loving places where you can spend a comfortable getaway while you are away from home. The splendid forestry view of Calamba runs up to 333 hectares, which is enough to get you going on an exploration adventure. This city is a great place to learn about the rich culture of the Filipino people. In addition, while you are there you can take advantage of the delicious food that the city’s top restaurants have to offer. As you tour every detail of the city, take time out to learn about its historical background as well. Some of the best places to visit as you get around in Calamba are Rizal Shrine, Lake Caliraya, Republic Wake Park, Laguna Hot Spring Spa, Camp N Nuvali and Montepico Hidden Spring Resort. Spend a short time in Calamba and you will never want your visit to end.

Cebu Island

Cebu Island, which is a part of the Central Visayas, is considered to be one of the best loved diving spots found in the Philippines. Many returning and first time visitors to this striking kingdom turn up in Cebu to partake of diving excursions that bring them close up to whale sharks, sea turtles and wonderfully placed coral reefs found in the cool clear underwater world. Another quaint view that would stir your emotions that you can’t afford to miss out on is the island’s sea caves. At the beach, you can enjoy many exciting, fun-filled games such as beach volleyball, soccer, building sandcastles and treasure hunt as well as you can choose a spot to practice your yoga. Apart from diving and doing shark watching as a beginner just getting used to the water, you might want to perform some light snorkeling as well. Whatever you choose to do on the island of Cebu, go ahead and enjoy your time there.  According to the opinion of service, where you can write my assignment for me. Bernardo is one of the founders of P.O.D. based in San Diego, California.


Vigan, which is found in the Northern Philippines region, is one of the most charming places to be when you want to escape away from home. Being a place where Spanish and Chinese settlers choose to make their home, its cultural surroundings make it a most interesting place where you can learn the culture of the people living there and taste the various mouthwatering dishes that the residents prepare. Since you choose to visit Vigan, make sure to take a sightseeing tour of its surroundings in a kalesa, which is a horse-drawn buggy ride. Some top attractions to visit in Vigan are the Bantay Bell Tower, Calle Crisologo, Dancing Fountain, Vigan Heritage Village, Hidden Garden, Baluarte, Syquia Mansion and Crisologo Museum. Therefore, make Vigan one of your next hotspot tourist destinations in the Philippines and you won’t regret it ever.

The Kingdom of Philippine is packed with many wonderful places to visit and fun things to do there. Spending your time in this island paradise will truly give you many memorable moments that you won’t forget for many years to come.

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