Most Reliable Ways How To Get Followers On Instagram Without Following Them


When Instagram was a new platform, one of the most popular strategies for growth was mutual following. People were following each other, helping to gain influence on the network. Nowadays such an approach is considered not too effective because the amount of followed accounts doesn’t affect the ranking system that much.

What matters for it is how many users are subscribed to your Instagram profile and how much engagement do you get from them. It seems to be a simple decision to buy followers for Instagram growth, but a purchase itself makes a big change if fans are real users.

To make your blog work you must put many efforts into creating a sufficient tactic. Here are gathered the most reliable methods that would help you to get more Instagram impressions and followers without mutual subscribing.

Make A Well-Optimized Bio

Your bio is the first thing that users will see when they enter your profile. So, this small field that is limited to 150 characters has to provide maximum use to motivate people to stay. There are four vital components that you have to include in your bio:

  • Blog description
  • Personal flair
  • Call to action
  • Link

The last one is optional at the beginning of your career, but as you grow, be sure you will find what to put there. Try to make your bio laconic, yet giving an impression about your content. Leave some intrigue for your followers, so limit yourself with a brief description of your activity and the purpose of the blog.

Mind Your Timing

Another important aspect of your strategy is the time when you post, so you reach maximum visibility as you synchronize with your audience. Instagram aims for users to remain within the platform longer, so if you hit the right period, you will secure the increase of your rating. To understand when is the most effective time to post, you have to research your target group preferences and see when they are most active online. When you match this period, you get more opportunities to interact with your viewers and turn them into your loyal followers.

For businesses, you also have to remember what your product is and how it serves consumers. For example, coffee shops can gain more attention if they hit the morning routine or lunch breaks on business days. Restaurants, on the other hand, can concentrate their posting on hours after lunch, to give followers ideas for their dinner plans.

Make The Most Of Your Stories

It is no secret that stories on Instagram are considered to be the most engaging form of content. And stories have a huge potential for turning viewers into followers. A lot of influencers are transferring the core of their content to stories, and use feed posts only as a supporting secondary field. The best purpose you can exploit stories for is increasing the engagement level which leads to growth of following your profile.

But nowadays consumers are demanding the different formats of materials they see. Talking heads are no panacea now, and you must explore the full potential of this activity. The main instrument that helps to engage users are stickers provided by Instagram. Here are the top effective stickers for your growth:

  • Question sticker. This form of communication is helpful when you have completed your first progress and got people interested in your persona. With this sticker, they can literally ask anything. You will receive the questions to your dm and will be able to reply through stories as well, with video or text, at your liking. The queries are published anonymously. You can also ask the question yourself, and collect followers’ answers for better growth.
  • Quiz sticker. This is a fun game in the form of trivia that can strengthen the connection between you and your audience. After the user has chosen a point, they will see if it’s true. The topic depends on your current needs and mood. Many bloggers make quizzes to understand how well the audience knows the blog, in order to collect more data for their further plan. Others concentrate on the entertaining side of the deal and simply create quizzes for fun.
  • Countdown sticker. This one works well for planning your content and engaging people for upcoming events you have. For example, if you are having a Life planned at the end of the week, you can remind users of it with this sticker too.
  • Poll sticker. This one offers two clickable options, and counts the percentage of answers for each point. Often used as a supporting engagement tool in lifestyle blogs, when followers are involved in the choices of the blogger: “should I buy this cabbage” – “totally/leave it be!”. The purpose depends on the question.

Custom Filters

This is an ultimate follower attraction that can get you many fans with simple visual impressions. Some time ago Instagram added an opportunity to upload customized AR filters for stories, and this feature has been a huge success. Such filters are spreading throughout the platform with incredible speed, making the author’s recognition boost multiple times. Some people even made a career as filter creators.

There are two kinds of filters that gain popularity on Instagram: esthetic and entertaining. Esthetic filters and masks serve to beautify your content, and entertaining ones are a sort of game that can help users discover the sense of the blog.

Note:  be careful with beautifying filters. At some point, many users were overdoing it with beatification and their faces became too generalized and lost uniqueness. Some influencers were using too much of it too. Users have shown concerns for mental health issues and the question of healthy self-esteem and identification, hence pushing Instagram for better control of such content. Officially, filters that change the anatomy of human faces too much are prohibited.

Take Some Risks

It is impossible to expand your influence when you don’t introduce anything new to attract people to your blog. Of course, you must keep your topic range within the chosen niche, but nobody is limiting you in content forms and related themes. The best strategy that can get you more followers is to add new forms of content and new themes gradually.

After each introduction, you must analyze the behavior of your audience thoroughly. Positive dynamic means that your experiment is successful and you can add this kind of material to your arsenal. Worse experience also has its purpose as it helps you to understand the interests and behavior of your target group better and avoid such mistakes in the future.

Aim For Content That Is Worth Saving

An important feature that has outlined likes on Instagram is Saves. The icon appears on the right lower corner and allows users to collect posts they find interesting and useful for themselves later. For you as a blogger, this is a chance to attract more people to your profile and increase your rating on the platform. Saveable content is usually something inspiring or that has a high retention rate. Texts with helpful tips or extremely beautiful photos and videos can become your weapon in conquering the hearts of the audience.

Pro tip: you can use carousel posts to squeeze in more information and visual details for your followers.

Make Long-Reads

Many marketers are claiming that Instagram is focused on imagery, and long texts aren’t a relevant method to gain more followers. Partly, this statement is true, and partly it is not. Yes, the main feature that has made Instagram what it is today – pictures. But people like reading. And when you have something to say about your life, profession, or social happenings around you, users appreciate it much. Longreads are engaging followers for a longer time, and that’s what both you and the platform favor a lot. Bigger captions can be interesting and engaging, given you are providing valuable insights for your audience.

Provide Compelling Content

Nothing is more attractive than beautiful stylish pictures. Instagram is based on the factor of image exchange, so the quality of your visuals is primary. Technically, modern smartphones provide suitable resolutions for social media photography and videography. So you have to concentrate on improving what you have.

First of all, you must develop a certain style for your content. When all your materials look similar visually, it creates a pleasant image for your followers. So aim for a single color correction option for your content, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring an editor.

Nowadays to improve the quality of your results, you can visit classes for mobile photography where skilled professionals will teach you to capture the best shots with your phone.

Mind Your Hashtags

Hashtags have never lost their importance for growth on Instagram. Recently, the platform has added an opportunity for users to follow specific hashtags, and this is a chance to expand your audience if you get your tags list right. Make sure that you preserve the balance between general and more specific terms.

A great idea would be to come up with an original hashtag that will associate with your profile only. Such a hashtag can add recognition to your persona and help your audience to reach you, providing user-generated content.


Getting more followers on Instagram is a task that has a lot of steps and conditions that have to be met. But with the proper strategy and thorough planning, you will reach your goals without much effort and without following back a lot of people.


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