Most Suspenseful TV Shows of all time

If you are also the kind of television viewer who eagerly looks forward to series where the story is twisty, the atmosphere is tense, and the stakes are high, we have gathered the perfect collection for you. TheVore’s list also allows watching the most suspenseful Tv shows and titles below to help further wear down the edge of your seat. However, if your streaming preference is through Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, or just all three, there is something here for everyone looking for good suspense.  

‘Black Mirror’ / Netflix

The TV show was inspired by series like “The Twilight Zone.” Netflix’s brilliant “Black Mirror” addresses the love of society regarding technology and its unintended consequences. Each episode of the serial is of 60-90 minute episodes.

However, throughout four seasons, this show has garnered plenty of praise from critics and fans. It is fascinating to know that one episode with a special titled “San Junipero” has recently won an Emmy for “Outstanding Television Movie.” Furthermore, in typical Black Mirror style, it is more than you imagined,” writes critic Suchandrika Chakrabarti.

‘False Flag’ / Hulu

If you want some unpredictable storylines of espionage thrillers, “False Flag” earns a top spot on your watch list. The same studio of Homeland created this drama. You should know that the show revolves around five ordinary Israeli citizens who wake up to discover they have been implicated in an international kidnapping scheme one day. However, it is clear they’ve been framed and New York Times critic Mike Hale and add in a positive way. In this way, we can say that the real story is much more layered.

The five are not guilty of kidnapping, but they’re all guilty of something like an affair or a hidden criminal past that directly complicates their attempts to prove innocence and also provides the show with five mysteries for the price of one.

It is fascinating to know that Washington Post raved scaled it of 1 to 10 and ‘False Flag’ rates a 99 for suspense. If you want more thrill and excitement, watching  80s television shows would be a perfect option.  

The Handmaid’s Tale’ / Hulu

This TV show is a modern adaptation of the novel by Margaret Atwood. The Handmaid’s Tale is set in a dystopian future where fertility rates of women have plummeted called Handmaid. These are forced into sexual and child-bearing servitude. However, according to showrunner Bruce Miller, the setting of the show in Gilead and the nation that has replaced the United States is even more unnerving just because of the surprising beauty.

American actress Elisabeth Moss played the main character of Offered. She is always in mortal peril, and it was one thriller that will leave you to guess from one intense episode to the next—the consecutive wins eight Emmy Awards, including for Best Drama and Best Actress along with best Writing. Moreover, the second season is also one of the most anticipated serials of the year.

‘Absentia’ / Amazon

Israeli filmmaker Oded Ruskin directs the serial. It is the story of an FBI agent who goes missing and is declared dead. After six years, she was found alive and with no memory as to what took place during her absence. Moreover, to complicate this mystery, she has also fingered as the suspect in a new string of murders.

Stana Katic, a Canadian-American actress, played the role of a troubled FBI agent. Every single episode of serial allows you to think to know what’s going on. However, as soon as you think you know who is behind it, you are entirely wrong.

‘Ozark’ / Netflix

American actor Jason Bateman gives a surprisingly dark performance in a famous TV show, “Ozark.” He acts as a financial planner who was forced to help launder money for a Mexican drug cartel. According to the star, playing a character with darker motives offers balance to the lighter personas that he has previously portrayed.

“Ozark,” will debut its most anticipated second season later this year. It will appear to be on a critical trajectory similar to AMC’s crime thriller. “Breaking Bad.” However, it is also a show that slow burn as critics have hinted.

However, a critical consensus on this Tv show is that you immediately open your laptop and prepare to binge. The first season is based on nearly 30 reviews, and it also has an astounding 100% fresh rating.

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