Most Useful Apps and Services for Students

The Evolution of Education Technologies

Technology has redefined quite a number of elements in the education sector. One of the areas that has had much impacts is with reference to useful apps for students. These are application that students can use, in the studies to enhance their productivity. Making their work easier, whether it is in reference to access quality material for their learning needs or organizing their learning activities on and off school. Most of these are online learning tools for college students, and can in some of the cases even have collaborative abilities. These are crucial when it comes to enhancing the learning experiences and more importantly helping students become more productive in their studies. Through time, students have since shifted from the tradition means of studying and can now embrace the leads in technology, where simple apps enhance quality learning experiences. The evolution is slowly gaining momentum and the future looks even brighter with the level of enhancements in the various fields of education. Relative to the different learning abilities and approaches, students have access to a wide array of apps that they can work with to fit in with their goals.

Apps and Services that Will Increase Your Productivity


According to experts, can use this app when taking notes. It is one of the most powerful app when it comes to assisting users take notes and organize their studies. It is quite versatile in the sense that, this is an app that it gives the users the ability to synch their notes across multiple devices. This is to mean that, the students are able use their notes on their tablets, computers and even phones. As such, students can easilycatch up on their reading from anywhere. Students are also able to save their notes in pdfs and even images. All these are organized in a manner that allows the user to search using key words.


SugarSync is an app that has proven to be as versatile in the sense that, it allows the students to back up their content. Backup services are some of the most crucial and anyone that has even lost their data, will be very cautious for such not to ever happen again. Students interact with a lot of learning material at any one time and as such, they need to have their content synched every time with easy to use tools of access and organization. This is an app that does all that and for a very considerate price. What is more, is the fact that, this is an app that can be used across devices. This allows for an efficient management of the content and access can be established from anywhere. More importantly, it is an app that several versions, for the different operating systems, such as Android, iOS and Windows making it quite versatile.


Over the years there have been content that has been developed through research, much of which is scattered across the internet. The TED app is one of the most revolutionary resources given the fact that, it collates research presentations done by the researchers in one place. Through the app, the users are able meet the researchers, watching videos of the presentations and listening to the arguments. There is a diverse collection of research presentations from which the students can choose from. This is content that students can access from anywhere in the world and make references to relative to their field of study.


This is an app that allows students to interact with their peers. Peer to peer interaction is based on the social interactions that users can leverage in their learning experiences. Like the social media websites, users are able to ask question to their peers and get feedback. As such, for learning purposes students will be in a position to interact with others and get answers for question that they may have. What is important is that, this is an app that moderator ranging from professors, specialists to teachers. As such the content is regulated for quality and authenticity.


One of the most daunting tasks as a student involves writing essays and reports. For a student, these form the largest parts of challenges especially when it comes to the organization of ideas. Mindmeister helps with mapping ideas that are then developed into an essay or the report. It is possible to create and even edit the content as the student wishes. They can also organize the content into folders for easier access and management.


Where there are more than one project or essays, students are tempted to procrastinate till the last minute. This means that most of their time they do not use their time properly. Using the iProcrastinate app, students are able breakdown into smaller chunks. With the new and smaller chunks, the students are then able to assign priority to the different tasks.


Productivity apps for students have been quite revolutionary in the recent past. Students no longer rely on the traditional approaches learning. There are even great tools like pdf to word online options.  There are quite a number of top apps for students, which they can use to refine their learning processes. iProcrastinate, Mindmeisteer, Brainly, Ted app, Evernote and SugarSync are crucial apps for students. Students have access to various apps that they can use for productivity. There are various apps that, they can use to organize their work and more importantly connect with other students and other experts in various fields