Most valuable sports team brands worldwide in 2023


Sports moguls have discovered various ways of bringing in more cash to the industry, boosting the value of their holdings, and creating more international investments. Many international team owners have managed to hit the jackpot by scaling their brands and leveraging their intellectual properties. These stakeholders have achieved all that by buying up more teams, expanding their content distribution channels, commanding higher media rights prices, and investing in sports-related products.

Here are the world’s most valuable sports team franchises in 2023.

1. Dallas Cowboys (NFL)

With an estimated net worth of $6.5 billion, the Dallas Cowboys is the richest team in the NFL. The Cowboys made history in 2018 after being the first team in the NFL to hit the $5 billion mark and they’ve continued growing ever since.

In April 2022, the Cowboys became the first NFL franchise to join the crypto bandwagon through their partnership with, making them their exclusive digital asset partner. The deal covers the club space at the AT&T stadium, rights to digital and social integrations, and prominent signage inside the stadium.

2. New York Yankees (MLB)

Valued at $7.13 billion, the New York Yankees is among the richest sports teams in the MLB. This profitable franchise is among the best MLB teams that online sports betting fans at Betway can wager on, as they’ve won 27 championships. The team is owned by the Steinbrenner Family and it brings in estimated annual revenue of $482 million.

3. New York Knicks (NBA)

While it might be shocking to many basketball fans, the New York Knicks is among the most valuable teams in the NBA. At the moment, the Knicks aren’t among the top choices for punters, considering they haven’t had much success in the last two decades. In fact, the last time the Knicks appeared in the finals was in 1999.

By the end of 2022, the Knicks were valued at $6.1 billion, making them the NBA’s second most valuable team. Unfortunately, the New York Knicks is the only NBA team among the top 10 that hasn’t achieved a lot of success in the last decade. However, playing in New York gives the team and its owners several perks.

4. Real Madrid (Soccer)

With an estimated net value of $5.1 billion, Real Madrid is the world’s richest football team in the world. The Spanish team owned by different club members has had significant success in La Liga, making it among the best teams for Betway sports punters. The team also reports an annual income of $760+ million, with an operating cost of about $90 million per annum.

5. Barcelona (Soccer)

Another Spanish soccer team, Barcelona is the second most valuable soccer team in the world, ranking behind their La Liga rivals Real Madrid. The team has an estimated net worth of $5 billion and records annual revenue of about $1.3 billion. Barcelona has recently struggled with financial issues, but they’ve slowly started rising after making over $98 million in profit during the 2021/2022 season.

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