Move to Antalya for permanent residence: city and its areas

According to realtors and real estate market analysts, the number of expats, which want to stay in the country for permanent residence is increasing every year in Turkey. For their purposes, they do not always choose central cities, but travel dozens of kilometers. The source – – will tell you about the features of this city and its areas.

New real estate request has been formed in Turkey

The trends in the Turkish real estate market are moving. Seven years ago, expats wanted to buy housing for investment and recreation. Doring the pandemic, their preferences have changed. Now people buy apartments mainly for personal use.

Specific requests come to properties in Antalya. Among the buyers are pensioners and families with children who are thinking about education. A big plus for Antalya is the widespread gasification of residential development projects, that means that the houses will be warm in winter.

In search of suitable housing, buyers are moving away from coastal areas and shifting towards the northern part of the city.

Kunda area

It is the area of the main five-star hotels in Antalya. Here people can buy a townhouse by the sea. The cost of apartments on the secondary market for apartments 2 + 1 starts from EUR 55,000. Apartments 3+1 start from EUR 65,000 – EUR 70,000.

The area has its own protected area, where construction has recently been allowed. Now they sell townhouses and bungalows with a private pool and adjacent territory.  The cost of a double townhouse starts from EUR 145,000.

Lara area

Lara is the first area in the west of Antalya Airport. It is the business center of the city with a large number of office buildings, large shopping centers, large private clinics, etc. This place is great for permanent residence, in particular for those who are used to living in megacities. Plus, residents of the area have access to a public beach, the length of which is 14 km.

Lara is dominated by old buildings, but the apartments are very spacious: from 3 + 1 to 6 + 1, with an area of 120 sq. m. Many houses are in need of repair. There are no elevators, so expats rarely buy housing there. But on the other hand, the cost of such apartments can increase significantly after a high-quality renovation.

Buying apartments in Turkey for expats in Lara starts from EUR 65,000 – EUR 70,000 for a 1+1 property. The cost for apartments 2 + 1 is EUR 110,000. The prices for spacious apartments 3 +1 and 4 +1 are from EUR 170,000 to EUR 300,000.

Konyaalti area

It is the most expensive housing in Antalya is for sale in this area. Konyaalti is located close to the sea and has a comfortable public infrastructure. All residential development projects are closed with own infrastructure, protected area, swimming pools, etc.

The cost of 1 +1 apartments on the secondary market starts from EUR 60,000. Apartments 2 + 1 cost from EUR 80,000. Apartments in new residential projects are from EUR 100,000.