Moving to Your College Dorm? Here’s a Guide as Easy as 1-2-3

Moving into a new dorm can be stressful. You’re completely shifting your room into a new place and you want to make sure that you have everything you will need with you. A lot of university students feel like they need a guide when it comes to moving and that’s totally normal.

1. An Early Bird Method

If you’re one of those types of people who are super nervous or too excited about going to college, it’s possible to go a day early to check things out before you bring your stuff and move. Orientation days can be very busy and crowded, you might miss some key elements of the campus or dorm rooms or even the rules. It’s not a bad idea to go a day before the first official starting day so you can get acquainted more with things, it’s a good idea to find someone there who’s in charge or like a student-body president etc. and ask them some questions.

It’s also advisable that you sort out your moving details so that things go smoothly. Be sure to hire a reliable moving company to transport all your belongings as early on as you can so that you can focus on the rest of the process. Do some research and see what kind of details you need to keep in mind for the move. According to the people at Starving Students Movers, a reliable moving company, one truck has enough space to contain everything you’ll be moving. Do the things you might not be able to do on your first day, that way you can focus more on unpacking or other things that would require your attention.

2. Exchange Contact Information With Your Dorm Mate

It’s always nice to meet new people, you need to make new friends anyways in this phase of your life. And what better way to start than getting to know the person who’s going to be living with you for a while. Be nice and friendly, and remember to get his/her phone number so you can call or message whenever you want. Maybe there’s something important that you want to tell them, and they could be out or in a lecture or just busy. So having their contact information is crucial and it’s one step closer to becoming friends. It is possible that your dorm mate is shy or doesn’t want to share info early at the start, but that’s okay and you shouldn’t worry about it. In time he/she would come around.

3. Take a Closer Look

You should have a thorough look around and inside your dorm room, check everything you can to see if it’s all in tip-top shape and working well. Whether it’s light switches, bed mattresses condition, light bulbs, windows and doors, knobs, and many more. If there are some things that need fixing or replacing then you should report it immediately to get it handled quickly, you don’t want to be living in a room that has problems. It would be a bad start if you let it slide, so give the room a detailed inspection before you start unpacking and settling in.

Make Sure Everything Is Ready For Your Things Before You Unpack

Unpacking can be a nuisance for some people, that’s why you need to be extra sure so you don’t pack it all up again! Check the state of the dorm, see if the closets and drawers are clean and not dusty, it’s possible that the students before you weren’t a fan of cleanliness. Make sure you coordinate with your dorm mate which areas are yours so you don’t mix things together, it would be awkward if you find someone else’s stuff amongst your things. So clean and dust off the areas, decide and know which closet, bed, and desk is yours. And after that you’re ready and safe to unpack your things.