Muscle nation custard vs Gen-Tec Casein Custard


Are you looking for high-quality protein powder? There are two protein powders that are not only delicious but will transform your body. There are protein powders on the market but few have all the benefits as these two flavored custards. Two very popular protein custards sold today are Power Supps muscle nation custard Casein and Gen-Tec Casein Custard. Casein protein is absorbed into your body at a much slower rate than other proteins. It takes about 6-8 hours to completely digest and it is best to take it before you go to bed or through the day when you are unable to eat nutritious meals throughout the day. These custards can be made in multiple ways. Let’s read to find out what custard is the best. They are not only delicious but they are filling and leave you feeling satisfied to the very end.

When you sleep your body repairs and muscles grow. While you sleep muscles are repaired that have been broken down while at the gym. Sleeping is the best time for the gains and when you take your important protein supplements before bed and your body is resting we want our body to be absorbing those nutrients. It is the protein that helps to repair and rebuild muscle. We want to build muscle because the muscle is what will burn fat. This healthy protein regimen is exactly what you need to get fit.

Casein supplements are a quick and easy way to feed your body. These supplements feed your muscles slowly while you sleep. Slow and steady wins the race. This is the same for our muscles when we are eating and sleeping. Slow steady digesting is best for your body. Feeding your body at the correct time with the appropriate amount of proteins is healthy for your body. The custard-style of the proteins was created to help you not feel too full and make you feel like you are having a healthy snack before bed. This custard is full of high protein and tastes amazing. There are two types of these different custards. Muscle Nation Custard Casein has 26.6 grams of protein, 4g of carbs, and 1.8 grams of fat. The protein in the custard makes up 66.4% of protein. There are no artificial sweeteners or flavors. All the ingredients are healthy and good for you.

Gen-Tec’s Casein Custard’s ingredients are quite different with the serving size being much larger than Muscle Nation’s. Each scoop for individuals will receive 42g of protein, 15g higher than the custard casein. This is more than muscle nation. However, you will receive 11g of carbs 5g which are sugar, and 2.3g of fat. It definitely is on the high side in regards to the amount of protein with a 40g dose really catering for larger, muscular men rather than the 27g of protein dosage that is for everyone. GenTec has high amounts of BCAAs and L-glutamine. Gen-Tec also contains colostrum, which is known for helping support, your immunity and digestive support. These ingredients will help to meet your goals for increasing lean muscle mass and improving recovery time at the gym. You can change your macro amounts and your serving sizes based on how many scoops you use when making your custard. The high protein content has a high amount of amino acids, which is also helpful in aiding in muscle growth. Muscle Nation is known for its wide variety of flavors. Gen-Tec is known for its great pricing and value for its money. This will help to maximize your workout regime to get the most energy you need to increase muscle mass all why supporting a healthy metabolism. These custards can be mixed with oats or with pancakes. For best use when using these protein powders to make custards be sure to use a blender to create a delicious consistency without any lumps. When combined with a nutritious low-calorie diet it is great for weight loss and building muscle.

Overall when it comes to flavors and nutritional value along with price Muscle nation wins overall. Most people prefer the range of flavors almond with the more natural ingredients. Its great taste and smooth consistency make it the best healthy snack. These can be taken any time of day but best served at night!


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