Muscular Guys Guide to Buying Clothes


Working out regularly builds a muscular physique. The physique that is most popular in bodybuilding competitions is a thick back, broad shoulders and lean waist. This is known as a V-Taper. But with building a head turning physique makes buying clothing very difficult. Outside of athletic style clothing it can be hard to find well fitted formal clothing for the office, formal events or a date.

Luckily there are some brands that offer and specialise in clothing specifically designed for bodybuilders and athletic guys. In this article we will look at the best wardrobe essentials for muscular guys, the right colours and a brand that is one of the market leaders in this type of clothing regardless of size.

Wardrobe essentials – The foundation of your style

Every man’s wardrobe should have essential pieces. These include a white dress shirt, dress pants and a high quality plain white t-shirt. All of these can build the foundation of your wardrobe and are suitable for all occasions. You can find many good high street retailers for these, even a local thrift store has quality used pieces that look and feel great. But the problem with this is that both of these options are usually catered for the masses and won’t fit a muscular guy correctly. A well known brand that specialises in dress shirts for bodybuilders is Tapered Menswear. They offer muscle fit dress shirts, polos and t-shirts in a variety of colours. Which brings us perfectly onto our next consideration when buying clothing is which colours are best for me?

Choosing the right clothing for your skin tone

It’s important to note that skin tone is different from skin colour. There are two types of undertones which are warm and cool. The best way to tell which skin tone you have is to stand and look in the mirror, hold a white sheet next to your skin and if you see the following will determine what skin tone you are.

Warm tone: golden, yellow or peach undertone

Cold tone: Blue, pink or red undertone

Once this is determined what skin tone you have using this guide, you can now choose which colours are best suited for you. You can watch this video here to then choose the best colour for you.

If you don’t want to dive deep into the best colours for you, you can always rely on neutral colours. White, black, beige, grey and khaki should be the foundation of a muscular guys wardrobe. Not only this but as the colours are plain and neutral they make the muscles stand out more. Loud and bright colours take focus away from the body.


If you’ve put the time and dedication into your workouts, the discipline with your diet, it’s understandable you’d want to show off what you have achieved. But there is a fine line and if you take the tightness too far you can kill the look you’re trying to go for. It isn’t necessary to wear a shirt that looks sprayed on. Make sure you find a shirt that’s fitted and comfortable but doesn’t look too small for you with buttons gaping at the front.

Final Tips

As a muscular guy the most important thing to consider is fit and comfort. Don’t sacrifice comfort for clothing that is too tight. Show off your physique but keep it classy!

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