Mushroom farm equipment – what is absolutely necessary?


Like pretty much every business venture, a mushroom growing farm requires a lot of elements to run smoothly. Workers (pickers and other members of staff) are crucial, but they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs without special equipment. Magic mushrooms have several medical benefits that has lead to increase in their popularity. You can buy magic mushrooms in Canada online as well from reputed suppliers.

Therefore, choosing the best possible devices, tools and machines is an integral part of setting up or revamping a mushroom farm. What pieces of mushroom farm equipment are the most important ones and what to pay attention to when picking a specific model? We’ll explain below!

Mushroom picking lorry

Without a doubt, mushroom picking lorries are one of the most complex, high-tech pieces of equipment used in mushroom growing farms worldwide. Picking the right ones is essential.

It’s best to choose models that provide various automation features that make picking easier, safer and quicker, such as automated platform movement. With a press of a button, the platform can move up and down (or left and right) by itself, without the need to manually turn a crank, as it worked in older lorries.

An automatic stoppage system is also worth paying attention to. It ensures that, when it detects any obstacle in the lorry’s path, it will stop in the blink of an eye. Even if the worker gets distracted and doesn’t see an object or person in front of the lorry, a disaster can be averted.

Mushroom farm climate control

Mushroom farm climate control is used to regulate the temperature and humidity in the growing environment. This is important because mushrooms are a delicate crop and require specific conditions in order to grow properly.

Climate control also helps to prevent the spread of diseases and pests. Long story short, it’s very important in ensuring the best quality and quantity of the mushrooms, therefore it’s important to invest in a good one and for mushroom spore you can connect here. It will also help the farm save on ventilation, heating and so on.

Watering system

A watering system is responsible for, as the name suggests, delivering the optimal amount of water to the mushrooms at the right time, leading to a successful harvest.

Modern, high-quality systems can be controlled manually, but there’s also the option to set up automatic watering, depending on the mushroom growing farm’s current needs.

Knives for mushroom growing farm

Knives are definitely one of the more simple pieces of mushroom farm equipment – however, while they may not be complicated devices, they are still very important. A sharp, durable knife is necessary for fast and efficient picking, which is why it’s best not to buy the cheapest possible model.

Good knives are only slightly more expensive and in the long run, they will turn out to be much more cost-efficient, since they won’t need to be replaced quite as frequently.

Mushroom farm equipment is an important part of the farms’ whole process. Without it, efficient cultivation of mushrooms would be much harder and the results – significantly less impressive. Investing in good-quality equipment from a proven manufacturer, such as GROWTIME, is the best way to ensure the profitability of a mushroom growing farm (and to make the employees’ work easier).

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