Mushrooms offer a wide range of health benefits


Mushrooms are part of the restaurant menus and home cooking. The popularity is because certain varieties of the versatile fungi that grow on soil and wood have shown therapeutic benefits that attracted people towards it. Mushrooms are just too versatile, and you can cook them in different ways and use them along with numerous ingredients to prepare tasty dishes. There are multiple healthy mushroom recipes, including slicing it up and serving raw in salads and even sauté them or grill them. You can add mushrooms to soups, wraps, sandwiches, casseroles, and even experiment with some Italian dishes.

Mushrooms purchased from Organics Shrooms from Canada have a global appeal and excellent for preparing side dishes or can be the main course for vegans. The meaty texture of Portobello mushrooms makes it ideal for serving in steaks and burgers.

The health benefits of mushrooms have helped sustain their popularity and combined with tasty cooking. It is one of the most affordable ways to look after your health. For certified organic mushroom products, contact Natures Rise and order online.

Support and strengthen immunity

All mushrooms are not edible except for the button mushroom, Girolle or Chanterelle mushroom, Cermini or Italian brown mushroom, oyster mushroom, forest or ok mushroom also known as Shiitake mushroom, Enoki or Snow Puff mushroom, Portobello mushroom morel mushroom, and Porcini mushroom (Cepe or Bolte). All these mushrooms contain protein and fiber in varying degrees, and selenium, a powerful anti-oxidant, and vitamins B, C, and choline, work together to support the immune system and strengthen it. Mushrooms are also rich in vitamin D, which are in most other vegetarian products. The sunlight exposure that mushrooms receive during their cultivation injects vitamin D into the fungi.  It might even help with joint support as well.

Protection from cancer

Mushrooms have always been healthy foods, and certain varieties have shown high potential in offering protection against cancer which is also a way of preventing it. Mushrooms can inhibit tumors and reduce cancer risks by protecting cells from damages to DNA. The anti-oxidants like choline in mushrooms help protect from prostate, lung, breast, and other types of cancers.   Consuming mushrooms as food is much more helpful to derive its health benefits than consuming food supplements.

Improves heart health

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the biggest causes of death, and mushrooms rich in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium can ensure better heart health by protecting the cardiovascular system. Mushrooms can help lower cholesterol, especially in obese and overweight people. Being rich in phytonutrients, mushrooms prevent plaque buildup within blood vessels by preventing cells from sticking to the blood vessels’ walls. As a result, it controls high blood pressure and maintains a healthy heart by ensuring smooth blood circulation.

Manage diabetes better

Mushrooms are rich in dietary fibers that help to manage type-2 diabetes and many other health conditions.  Consuming more mushroom means increasing the amount of fiber in the body which lowers the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. For diabetes patients, it can help to reduce sugar levels. A gram of fiber is available from 70 grams of raw mushrooms.




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