Music as a healing force for both the body and the spirit

Music has long been regarded as a fundamental part of culture by people on every continent. Even entire civilizations are often judged solely by the complexity and beauty of the music that they produced. The term “music” can be defined in a number of different ways. But for many professional musicians who have spent their whole life honing their art, music is the result of a symbiotic relationship between chaos and harmony between the soul and the mind. Music helps us to experience emotions such as love, grief, and joy, healing our both mental and physical ailments.

Music is one of the most magnificent cultural creations. Even in our nature, the music may be heard in several forms, like in the sound of water, in the wind moving grass, and in the birds chirping. Many unknown areas, whether they are in the sky or deep in the water, have long held an allure for the whole of humanity. And the music allows us to explain our feelings of these events to transport them to other people even though many generations. Music is just another medium through which we communicate with one another as it leaves a deep awakenignstate on both the spirit and the body.

The old Greek mythology taught us that music can heal any mental problem. The same teaching may be used in our daily life in order to bring about harmony and peace. Even depressing music makes us feel better when we’re down. Without music, it is hard to calm down and regaining composure. We can notice it when we listen to Christmas songs as they bring individuals from all walks of life together. This favourable time helps everyone to free their mind and make it simpler for the soul to navigate through the world and prepare for the next year.

There have been instances in which someone has woken up from a coma while continuously listening to their favorite music. Particularly one person who was brought to the hospital after having a brain hemorrhage, and went into a coma as a result of her injuries. Doctors stated that there was no way of waking her up from the coma. But when her favorite song “Adele” was played on the hospital radio, she cracked a smile, giving her mother a hope that she will recover and she eventually did.

An experiment was conducted by German scientists to assess the impact of music on the activity of the brain. In which many groups of people were randomly selected and listened to their favorite songs performed did better in arithmetic, physics, and other relevant subjects, according to the study. There probably was no need for special studies to find that out, as almost everyone can confirm, at least for themselves, that while listening to their favorite music, the whole body feels more energized than without it. Some other studies compared listening to the favorite music as to drinking a cup of coffee or any other energy drink.