Must-Do Things in the Mesmerizing South Australia


How many times have you planned a trip and discarded it, not knowing what to explore? If you have plans for a visit to South Australia, we have got you covered!

South Australia is an enchanting place to visit for dipping yourself into the luxuriously picturesque sights it offers. It also harbors the renowned Kangaroo Island, with a vast stratum of wildlife. South Australia is also known for its magnetic wineries and international cycling race.

Have you ever swum with sea lions and dolphins? If not, here is your chance!

And as the travel bans get lifted for vaccinated faces to come, here is a list of things to do amid South Australia:-


The Adelaide Hills are located beside the Coorong and Langhorne creek; Langhorne is a town having a winery in its core, while Coorong holds its pristine state in the long chain of lagoons that presents the famous beachfront of Coonawarra.

Adelaide erupts the imagination of the most artistic minds with its scenic beauty that flutters everywhere. The wonders of the valley boast their beauty further with the abundance of festivals, vibrant tourist attractions, and sporting events.

Kangaroo Island

Known as the third largest island in Australia, it is located off the Fleurieu Peninsula. The sprawling beauty of Kangaroo Island attracts the eyes because of its admirable coasts, beaches, seafood, and the hues of the birds and animals like sea lions, penguins, marsupials, and koalas along with the sea.

The Flinders Chase National Park is also an enchanting sight to visit, given the new sculpted boulders.

Clare Valley

Famous as a grape cultivating region, the Clare Valley is en route to the entreats like a balmy drive to Polish Hills River Valley, the amusing path to Polish Church Museum, Sevenhill that stands as a reminiscing resemblance of Rome, and historical dwellings at Burra.

Other than its mixed cultural elements of Irish, Polish, and English, Clare Valley, located 136 kilometers from Adelaide, is also famous for its gourmet food culture. Flock here, to the town named after County Clare of Ireland, during the Gourmet Weekend held annually around May and enjoy the food and the scenic beauty of pastoral lands.

Eyre Peninsula

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and the Eyre Peninsula are not the same. However, they are equally appealing.

Located in the east patches of the Great Australian Bight, the rugged terrain of the coastal lines offers a variety of sights to bless the tourist’s eyes.

The Eyre Peninsula is a triangular-shaped land that attracts tourists for its food at Coffee Bay and Lincoln National Park’s cliffs. To enjoy a 4WD vehicle adventure on one of the rimmed places is the Nullarbor Plain, where you can maneuver through the scorching desert.

Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is a sight of the dormant volcano located near the Limestone coast. Some beautiful lakes and gardens might have the same soothing effect as the char bagh of Tajmahal, one of the marvels in India.

Also, the Blue Lake that changes its color patterns every November is another mesmerizing thing to feast on.

When a cave had collapsed, it was transformed into the ‘sunken garden’ in the 1880s, which popularly became known as the Umpherston Sinkhole. South Australia’s world heritage listing holds the famous Naracoorte Cave, where the bat colonies can probably haunt you but calm yourself with the fossils present.

Murray River

Murray River is one of the many sights to visit, taking a stroll through the arid beauty. The intriguing landscapes of the desert, the culinary legends, and the delicious dishes to enjoy yourself to the fullest and undoubtedly the ports and grounds to visit for the beauty it holds.

Murray River is also home to some of the most fabulous outdoor sports you can tackle. Also, do not forget that Australia is home to Kangaroos. So, row along the lines of the Murray River to get a good glimpse of their national animal and the sleepy Koalas resting in their bushy habitats.

Probably now you have a whole plan for what to do on the next trip. Do not forget to scour these sights and get some of the many tastes of South Australia. So, what are you waiting for!


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