Must-Haves For The Travelling Techie


Many people born in this time have grown up with technology and the web. Nowadays, most people in the world spend almost all their days on the internet either online shopping, tweeting, checking their Foursquare accounts, blogging and several other things. If you happen to be a techie then all this is probably all your life. Even traveling won’t make a difference because you’ll probably be doing the same while on the trip. This means that there are a few essentials you just have to have. For techies, their gear goes with them everywhere. So, let’s look at a few must-haves for the traveling techie.

1. Power adapter

One or two universal power adapters are things that are practically indispensable for the tech traveler that’s carrying with them a ton of hardware. When considering which power adapter to get, pick one that’s able to take both 240 as well as 110 volts. These are the travel adapters you need in 2019 that won’t be giving you problems. Some come with retractable pins, but in most cases, you’ll have to pay a little extra for those.

2. Mobile phone battery

The opportunities you have to charge your devices while traveling are usually very limited. This is why if you’re a techie, it’s extremely important to ensure you have a spare phone battery or two as well. Those that use Apple iPhones are a bit lucky because they have several external battery options they can choose from. The Mophie Juice Pack case which is a huge favorite not only powers the phone but protects it as well. The Instant USB Charger by Duracell is good for those that have different smartphones.

3. Portable gaming console

Portable gaming devices are other gadgets techies must have during travel. They’re normally very good items to have on the road because they’re a great way to kill time when you find you have to wait for a connecting flight (or something similar that takes a bit of time) or when jet lag has made you unable to sleep on the flight. The large game library makes the Nintendo DS a good option, however, for the more hardcore gamer, the Sony PSP would be the ideal choice.

4. Network cables

Another thing that you can’t afford not to have during travel as a techie are network cables. They usually come in handy at internet cafes or hotels that provide you with network ports but no cables. Also, when buying them consider getting the flat cable products because these ones tend to take much less space as compared to their regular tubular counterparts.

5. Memory card reader

If you’re a techie this is one thing you always wish you had remembered to carry along with you whenever the memory card in your camera runs out of space. If your laptop doesn’t have an in-built memory card reader then you can’t afford not to pack one on your next trip.

Memory card reader

Most people that travel are most likely in search of something relaxing, truly moving, new and challenging in a way that can only be discovered away from home and your comfort zone. So, when the tech you carry along with you manages to function at its best, well, all that means is an enhanced overall travel experience for you.

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