‘Mystery’ Ghost Ship washed ashore coast of Aflao

‘Mystery’ Ghost Ship washed ashore on the coast of Aflao

A heavy ship, which appears abandoned, was washed ashore the coast of Aflao in the Volta Region attracting dozens of people to the place.

The ship, which looks like a cargo ship, and has the inscription ‘Barca Lome’, was reportedly washed ashore at about 11:00am by tidal waves arising out of recent heavy downpour in the Volta Region.

There are no signs of people or crew onboard the ship which is just about 100 metres away from the beach into the sea. The origin of the ship is unclear as well as where it is headed and why it has docked at Aflao.

Residents say officials of the Ghana Navy and the security agencies are yet to visit the site to assess the situation.

'Mystery' Ghost Ship washed ashore coast of Aflao