Mystery of the secret levels in the game World of WarCraft

Those who are fond of computer games should definitely play World of WarCraft. This is a game that is filled with many adventures, exciting battles with enemies, bright, triumphant victories. Each player during the game trans forms into a brave defender of Humanity. He has to go through a difficult path through the mythic dungeon carry. His entire path is divided into several levels of difficulty. Each of them, in turn, is divided into raids. Only after the player has overcome all the raids of one difficulty level, he can move on to another.

Some players in the process of passing the next raid find a secret scroll. This means that they can open access to secret levels and fight with cunning and evil enemies under the new rules.

Features and rules of mythic dungeon carry

Here players will find a new, unique world of battles and victories. Participants can explore an unidentified world and receive even more valuable trophies for victories and dexterity. Here players are waiting for even more pleasant and not very pleasant surprises. The specifics are the many new maps that the warriors must follow.

After obtaining the secret scroll, players can access the following secret rooms:

Arch Haven.

This level is considered the most difficult. It can only be passed through the deck of the ship. There you should also look for a special scroll that will open access. The level is a small island outpost. It has a mysterious village and a cave. The player must find all the spell books that can be hidden not only in the village, but also in the lost cave.

Soggy Swamp.

Here, players will have to wander through a wet, damp cave. They will not have a guide to where to look for the scroll to start the game. If the participant manages to find a stone staircase, it will lead him to the place where the scroll is hidden. The participant will have to fight with a large number of monsters, show skill and ingenuity, and solve many puzzles. The trophy will be a chest filled with valuables and gold.

Lower Temple.

Here, in order to search for the treasured scroll, participants will have to wade through the water to the bridge. After that, the player will need to go to the leftmost room and light three beacons. Only then will he be able to see the treasured scroll on the parapet. The lower temple is very similar in appearance to a regular temple, but only has large ruins.

One of the easiest secret levels. In order to start going through it and get the coveted scroll, you only need to go through a long corridor inHighblock Halls and go through the door in front of the stairs. A staircase will open down. After two steps, the player will be able to find special shields on the wall, by clicking on which he will open this secret level.

There are many more secret levels, each of which has its own characteristics and rules for passing. If the player does not know how to handle and how to find the coveted scroll, he can use boosting. Member can use mythic+ at any stage of the game.