Nailing The School Sports Team Signs With These Simple Steps


Designing school sports team signs has never been easy. I mean, how do you even start? It is understandable if it is tricky. There is a burden to create a distinctive sign that conveys the team’s message and vision (read more).

The sign is the identity of the team that you will carry on to any match. It would be disagreeable if it looks shabby and lackluster. Before you start designing, it is important to know the basic points on how a sign is created.

Why Do You Need School Sports Team Signs?

Like it or not, we are surrounded by signs everywhere. They serve way more than just a picture. But it has a deeper meaning. It is not just something to put in the team’s jersey, backpack, jacket, and other merchandise, but rather a symbol of the team itself.

Here are reasons why they are so important:

  • Identity – it is a powerful identity that you will bring anywhere the team goes. It is not a small picture to print on merchandise but an identity for players, fans, and also club members. Distinctive designs will make people easily recognize the team even from afar. Besides identity, it can also give a sense of unity and belonging. Hence, it creates support and loyalty from members and fans.
  • Professional – it represents a commitment on how you take care of the whole group, for all existing professional teams have one. It is proof of the professionalism that will communicate the team vision for sponsors, players, and also opponents. Even if it is only a school thing, having an established sign will never be bad. Instead, it is a great way to show an image that brings positive effects for the squad.
  • Memorable – as an identity, a sign is one detail that people will recognize. It helps the team to stand in the crowds and be different from other groups. That is why it is important to create a one-of-a-kind sign that everyone will remember effortlessly.

How To Start Creating

How To Start Creating

Now the goal is to create a unique yet meaningful logo that everyone will remember. It sounds like an overwhelming task, but creating one should be as easy as ever once you get the idea. Here are some simple steps on how to create that.

  • Research – before you make the design, it is important to do some research. You can go online and look to other logos for inspiration as well as a reference. Write down the aspects of the designs that you like and dislike and use them to create your signs. It can be easy to once you get inspiration from others.
  • Find The School Values – team signs carry the value of the team or school. Then implement the value into the sign. You can also find the school value and find the key role that can be used for the sign. In some cases, you can also use the school mascot but give a different twist.
  • Look For Examples – if research is not enough, you can look for examples of signs to get your creative ideas flowing. When observing sign examples, you will quickly realize that there are abundant types of it—ranging from a sign with logo, mascot to words only. Each team logo has its advantages and disadvantages. An image-only logo is a common preference, but it is not that easy for branding.

On the other side, a name-only logo looks cool, but it lacks emotional and power attachment. You should consider this kind of factor when designing a sign.

  • Consider The Sports – the type of sports should be taken into consideration. Do not confuse the supporters and sponsors for using the wrong symbol. Using icons, characters, or symbols of sports is also a creative way to create a sign.
  • Start Designing – after you have the idea, start sketching for it. Combine the symbol or icon of the sports, school mascot, and also team name. The combination of image and logo is a good option as it is easier to remember. Not to mention, choose a creative team name that is catchy and easy to remember. To make the logo attractive, you can be as creative as possible with colors, fonts, and lines.
  • Samples – There are cases where you have multiple designs created at hand. One way to determine which one the team should carry is by creating sample merch. For instance, creating jersey sample pieces, there are various printing sites like Team Fitz that produce quality decals that you can contact. It will also give a better feel once you have the design on something you can physically see.

The Elements Of School Sports Team Sign

Creating a meaningful yet catchy sign has never been easy. You have to understand the elements of a good team logo as the following.

  • Simplicity – simplicity is a top-notch element to follow. A simple logo is more powerful and radiates a better impression for other people. It is easy to remember yet carries the team’s vision.
  • Versatility – a team logo should also be versatile since it will be implemented on various media. The logo is the identity that speaks the team’s vision and spirit.
  • Timeless – changing the logo frequently is not good as it confuses the audience (link: o Hence, the sign should meet the timelessness element for it will be used for a long time.
  • Unique – uniqueness is not something to trade. The team logo should not resemble other signs, or it will confuse the audience as well. Make sure that the logo you are creating is one of a kind but easy to remember.


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