Naked vs Cased Phones: What’s the Difference?


Nowadays, phones are designed to be good-looking, functional, and durable, especially those from well-known brands like Apple and Samsung. This is why many people prefer to use their phones uncovered and without cases. Regardless, the vast majority of smartphone users tend to gravitate toward cases.  If you are not sure what to choose, this comparison can help you decide. 


Function is one of the primary concerns of people looking to purchase phones. Some prefer naked phones because they feel like it prevents them from enjoying the functions their specific phones are designed to do. 

Let’s take a look at iPhones. These devices have flat edges, which many prefer because it helps them maintain a firm grasp on their phones. To them, adding a case will only make it bulky and difficult to hold, opening unfortunate instances where they lose grip of the phone and drop it. This group is also worried about cases hindering them from accessing volume and power buttons.

Meanwhile, individuals who preferred to use cases prefer to do so because the right coveing can give them a better grasp. Take Samsung phones, for example. Many of them are slim and thin, which can be worrisome to others because they might lose hold due to having a smaller surface area they can grasp. Some cases also have built-in buttons to help improve access to physical buttons.


Another main issue with cases, as per users who prefer naked phones, is the aesthetic. Let’s admit it: not all phone cases fit the aesthetics of every user. In fact, some prefer the sleek and smooth designs that the phone is built with. For iPhone users, using a case covers one of the most important aspects of the phone’s design: the logo. 

The good news is there are a lot of case designs to choose from. You can find ones with a rugged and outdoorsy appearance, while cutesy and colorful ones are also available on the market. The key is finding the right Cute iPhone cases that suit your style and preferences. 


Lastly, people consider protection an important factor when deciding whether to purchase cases or not. Uncovered phones are more open to dents, scratches, and damages because they directly interact with surfaces and other items once you place them in your pocket or bag. What’s worse is they can sustain serious damages when accidentally dropped at a significant height. 

On the other hand, people who decide to use cases encounter these problems at a reduced level. Dents and scratches may occur where the case does not cover the surface of the phone. Meanwhile, the possibility of damages such as cracked screens when dropped is minimized because the case absorbs the impact.


There are different factors you should consider when deciding whether to get a case for your phone or not. You should know your priorities and weigh your options before finalizing your decision. Should you get coverings for your device, make sure to opt for functional and protective, yet colorful Phone cases.

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