Nancy Etz Discusses 8 Ways Creatives Can Get Through School for Free

We live in a society where we are told that we should go to school to be successful. But for creatives, this can be daunting. It feels like it is impossible to find the time or money to do anything creative with your free time because of all the homework and tests. The truth is, there are many ways creatives can get through school without spending any money!

Apply for Scholarships

Creative fields like the arts and writing usually do not require a degree, but they often accept degrees in other areas. This is why it’s important to apply for as many scholarships as you can! Searching through websites such as scholarship portals or even just google scholar will help you find numerous opportunities. We learned about the  Nancy Etz Scholarship through an interview about scholarships.

Find a Job on Campus

Depending on the kind of school you are attending, there may be jobs available for students. Even if they’re only part-time, these jobs can give students some extra money to spend with their friends or even save up into savings. There’s no need to turn down an opportunity that will help pay off student loans!

Apply for Internships

Internships are awesome because they allow students to work in their chosen field. Many of these opportunities even pay interns, so you get not only some hands-on experience but also money that can be put into savings or used productively. Remember, though; many companies require a degree before hiring an intern, so be sure to research the company.

Apply for Grants 

There are many other opportunities out there than just loans or jobs on campus. There are also grants that students can apply for, which will not require repayment of funds! These might require a bit more work, but they pay off in the end when you get money without even having to spend a single cent.

Find Out if your School has Free Tutoring Programs

Even though you might have scheduled classes, there are many times where students need extra help with their work. This is why schools must offer opportunities for students who struggle in certain areas of their courses or even those who want additional practice. These programs exist on college campuses across the country, and it’s important to take advantage of them. This will not only keep your GPA up but also help you succeed in your future courses.

Work as an RA or Tutor

Many universities offer opportunities for students to work as an RA or tutor. They pay their employees, but plenty of benefits come with this job, such as free housing on campus and meal plans! This might not always be available in your field, so it’s important to check with each school you’re interested in attending.

Attend Community College Instead of a Four-year University

If you are dead set on getting a degree but don’t have the money to spend, community college is an excellent alternative. It’s often much cheaper than attending four-year universities, and it will still show future employers that you’re serious about your field of study! Plus, depending on where you live, it might be close enough to commute.

Explore All your Options when Applying for Financial Aid

Most schools offer students the opportunity to apply for federal or private loans that require repayment after they graduate. However, there are also many ways that people can get through school without spending their money! Work-study programs are a great example of this, as it allows students to work on campus for money. On top of that, there are also grants and scholarships available, which will not require repayment after graduation!

The best thing about these eight ways to get through school for free is that they are not limited by your major or career path. Whether you want to be a lawyer, scientist, artist, teacher, entrepreneur – there’s something here for everyone! We hope this list will help you find the right way to go after your dreams without debt weighing down on you. Good luck and happy studying!