NBA Players Pushing For CBD To Be Allowed

The introduction of the Farm Bill by the U.S. government is gradually changing the phase of cannabis advocacy and also causing a call for a shift in the sports circle precisely the NBA. The Farm bill has legalized hemp usage as it has a THC level lower than 0.9%. The federal government still considers cannabis illegal but as however made an important upward shift which is allowing a variety of cannabis plants with a low THC content legal and the hemp falls into that category but not the marijuana. 

CBD is one of the two main components of the cannabis plant and is highly medicinal, not intoxicating and has healing and pain-relieving properties. The CBD relieves pain by acting on the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain. It is effective and works fast. And with the NBA known to be a highly physical sport where injuries are unavoidable and pain inevitable. It is understandable to see why there are calls from NBA players to the NBA to permit its usage. 

This standpoint has been further solidified by the recent approval of CBD in the MLB. The MLB has decided to treat all cannabis products like alcohol and has removed it from its list of drugs that should not be abused thus permitting its use. As cannabis is not a performance-enhancing drug, though it has a THC threshold of 50ng/ml which if violated attracts a fine. Thus showing a high level of tolerance for its usage. 

Cannabis has been banned in the NBA since 1999, players are tested four different times in a year to ensure compliance and are expected not to exceed the threshold of 15ng/ml. If a player is found to be using the drug, he would be treated and subjected to further testing. In a situation where a player is cut again, he is fined $25,000 and if there is a third time he is suspended for five games. With increasing suspensions for subsequent usage. 

The NBA has stated through its commissioner Adam Silver that the association is open to the legalization of marijuana, which is the removal of marijuana from its list of banned substances. However, it needs more scientific evidence on the efficacy of medical marijuana. This doesn’t seem plausible enough seeing that about 33 states have a medical marijuana program that uses CBD to treat over 20 diseases. It is obvious that the NBA would need a push from the players through the NBPA(National Basketball Players Association). 

It is also important to note that CBD is not a performance-enhancing drug as the component that would do that is THC which is not allowed and this has been confirmed by two top sports regulatory bodies, World Anti Doping Agency(WADA) and the US Anti Doping Agency(USADA) hence, another reason for its push by the NBA players. Here is a rundown of some players advocating for its usage. 

Al Harrington 

Al Harrington who can be referred to as a sojourner in the game, and rightfully so having played for seven different clubs over his sixteen-year career including the Warriors and the Knicks. He reached the Play-Offs seven out of the sixteen seasons and was a vital attacking prowess for his teams. He was one of the first few players to be drafted straight from high school to the big league. 

He was introduced to CBD products in 2011 when he was sidelined and hurting from a botched knee surgery playing for the Denver Nuggets. The CBD products helped his recovery and made him an advocate of CBD for athletes. He owns a full-fledged cannabis company, Viola and a CBD company called Harrington Wellness built for athlete use. Harrington believes that the everyday pain management that players go through can be better treated with cannabis which is not as harmful as what is currently in use and is natural. 

He has however stated that CBD is an easier option for the NBA to accept. Cannabis helped Harrington to walk freely after 13 surgeries throughout his professional career.

Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce played a large part in his 19-year career with the Celtics precisely 15 years averaging 22 points per game. With the high point of his career being the 2007/08 NBA Finals Championship where he finished as the Finals MVP. Known as “The Truth” by Boston Celtics fans he would never be forgotten for his loyalty. He has shown huge support for the CBD industry, he started using CBD after a life-threatening attack where he was stabbed 11 times. He strongly believes that the NBA should allow the use of CBD as he believes people still carry a wrong notion about cannabis not knowing of its medicinal benefits. He will soon release his kind of CBD vape pen. 

Jamal Mashburn

Jamal averaged 20 points for most of his career aside for his mid-career. He turned to the corporate world after his career with investment in the food and automobile industry. His interest in CBD was seen when he accepted a position on the board of cannabis health and wellness company. He is an advocate of CBD who strongly believes that soon the NBA players would push for it through their association. 

CBD’s Many Uses

CBD can be used in various forms from oils to lotions, vapes, and many more. CBD can also be used to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, keep the heart healthy and has anti-inflammation properties that protect the skin. To find out more about how CBD and cannabis products can be beneficial to you, its usage, how you can apply for a medical marijuana card and more. Follow this link to learn more.