Need a Loan & Been Refused Everywhere? StarLoans Knows What to Do

Personal loans from StarLoans are the best financial options since they provide consumers with quick assistance and a set payback schedule. However, what if you’ve applied everywhere and been turned down for a loan?

You’re not alone if it seems like no one will lend you money. Every year, millions of people are denied loans for a number of reasons. Don’t give up, though. Continue reading to learn how you can still receive the money you need despite having bad credit.

Why Do Loan Applications Keep Being Rejected?

Finding out why your loan application was rejected is the first thing you should do if you need a loan but can’t manage to get one approved. Every day, applications for personal loans are turned down for a number of reasons. Consider phoning the lender and asking them directly why you were denied, or look at the adverse action notice that was given to you upon or after denial to learn more. You’ll need to learn more about your existing financial circumstances if they are unable to give you a clear explanation for the denial.

The Minimum Requirements for loan approval

You must fulfill a few prerequisites in order to be eligible for a loan from Although some of these conditions may differ from one lender to another, the most of them are very typical. These prerequisites consist of:

  • must be at least 18 years old
  • a resident of the United States
  • must be working either full- or part-time (including self-employment)
  • need a working checking account
  • no previous bankruptcy proceedings filed against you is required

How To Obtain Credit When You Keep Being Refused

After identifying the cause of your rejection, you should focus on resolving your financial condition before reapplying. Here are some actions you can do to improve your likelihood of approval.

Increasing your credit score is one of the best strategies to make sure you qualify for any kind of no decline loans. In order to make sure there are no inaccuracies on your credit report, you need to verify it first. You may find your credit report using a number of online resources and websites. You should file a dispute with the relevant bureau that issued the report if you discover any obvious inaccuracies in your credit report.

After checking your report for mistakes, you should think about ways to raise or lower your credit score. Consider trying one or more of the following strategies:

Request a rise in the credit limit. You can raise your available credit and reduce your credit use by requesting a limit increase from your credit card issuer and then not using the card (a large influence on your score).

Repay the balance on your credit card. You can reduce your credit utilization by paying off as much of your credit card debt as you are able to. You can set priorities and get rid of credit card debt by using a debt repayment plan or consulting a financial expert.

Make payments automatically. You may prevent missing or making late payments by setting up an automatic monthly deduction for your payments.

How long should I wait to reapply after getting a loan rejection?

If you’ve been turned down for a loan more than once, you might want to hold off on reapplying until you’ve learned the reason why and looked into all of your choices for resolving your financial situation. Lenders perform a hard credit check on your credit history whenever you apply for a loan, which might lower your credit score if you do too many in a short amount of time. This may raise questions for lenders who are reviewing your application. If you are turned down because you submitted too many difficult enquiries, you should think about waiting at least 4 to 6 months before resubmitting your application.


Although it is never pleasant, rejection is not necessarily the end of the line. Don’t give up if you continually getting turned down for loans despite your need for them. Discuss your choices for increasing your chances of being accepted the next time you apply for a one hour payday loan with your lender or financial counselor.