Need A PDF Editor? Here Are Some Of The Features That Are Very Famous!


Making a PDF is no big deal. There are plenty of applications available for that. People look for these applications generally to make a PDF of their documents and also their pictures. It is very easy to send one PDF instead of sending all the things individually.

A pdf editor can help make a document into another and keep it the same and content intact like it was. If you are a student or a businessman, there has been a time when you found PDFs intriguing. They can be used for a lot of things, and there are many benefits to using one. There are uses for doing work instant, but it also helps in conserving the use of paper.

There are many features of an editor. Here read on, and you will find all types of features of a paid and unpaid application,

Convert from PDF

This is a feature where the pdf editor will help convert a PDF to any type of document. This will help in making all the documents at once. Here are the types of conversions:

  • PDF to the word: Word files are the basic ones that help make any document. Many people directly forward their word files and get their work done. PDF files can have all word documents all at once. But if there is any need to send just one of them, then it is easy to convert the PDF file into a Word document and send it.
  • PDF to excel: These excel sheets make it easy for the other person to get a concise knowledge of the content. If you need a table of the content, it is also the best way to make one with pdf editor.
  • PDF to JPG: Anyone can convert their PDF files to their JPG files. JPG files are compressed images. Imagine someone sent you all pictures in a PDF, and you want those; a screenshot will ruin the quality. So a pdf editor will allow extracting that image and getting the exact quality.
  • PDF to PPT: It will be easy to make a PowerPoint presentation also. The PDF will be easily converted into the PPT file right away with a single click.

Convert to PDF

Just like one can easily convert a PDF file into another document, a document can also become a PDF file. It will all with the help of pdf editor. People need different documents, and that is normal; every business needs different types of documents. This is what you can convert a PDF file into:

  • Word to PDF
  • Excel to PDF
  • JPG to PDF

With this, it will be easy to send the type of document you want to. Sometimes you need to send different images to one person, and when we send them, the quality changes and order. It can ruin it all, but with a PDF file, all images will be in the best order, and there will be no need to change them again and again.

View and edit

A pdf editor can help in editing, yes but you can also open and see the file in the editor. It helps because downloading different applications for viewing and editing the file will take up more space than one. This can make your device slow and problematic.

It is very easy to resize and rotate the content of the PDF. Mostly all the content in a PDF seems like pictures, and to see them, they must be the exact and appropriate size. If the file is not accurate, it will be easy to set it properly.

Secure the file

These PDF files can contain different types of content. Some students use it, and some businesses use it too. If you are a manager of a big MNC and you need to send the file to your officers, it is important to secure them. It is easy to encrypt a file with the help of a PDF editor.

There are three things that one can do to secure the file:

  1. Electronic signature: A good application will help in generating an electronic signature on the file. With this, one can sign and then open the file. It can help keep the hackers away from taking away all the matter that they want to keep securely.
  2. Protect the PDF: Protect the file by generating a password for the PDF. Make any password, and if the file gets into the wrong hands, there will be no issue in keeping the stuff safe. One can keep all the necessary documents in a PDF and show it to the authorities anytime they need to see that. Some people also unlock their PDF with the help of an editing application.

Manage the files

One can merge the files and extract what they want to from the PDF file with pdf editor. It is very easy to merge the file and split it at the same time. There are different options to compress it too. Sometimes one needs to upload a file of documents and do that, and there is need to compress the PDF file.

At this time, just use any editing application with all the good features, and it will be very easy to manage all the tasks at once. This way, there will be no need to make a new file with compressed components.

If by chance, your file gets deleted in the process, there is a fair chance that it is in the cloud. A good application keeps a backup of all the files that are already in the system. This way, it will be way easier to locate any file when needed. This way, all the lost content will come back, and nothing will go out of reach.

The bottom lines,

Make any file with pdf editor and perform all other activities that are needed for that. Make sure the application is the best one present on the web. This way, it can keep all the data safe and away from intruders.

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