NEO Coin And Ways to Obtain It


NEO can be defined as an ‘open-source blockchain‘ that was among the pioneers in the Chinese market. It supports both digital assets and digital identities and uses smart contracts to function. NEO is marketed as a way to link your real-life ID and digital identity, allowing you to enhance the safety and security of your online identity.

NEO is traded at numerous exchanges, where the most popular crypto pairs are NEO to BTC, NEO to USDT, and NEO to ETH. Pairs like NEO to GO are less common, and can be found on a handful of platforms.  Also be sure to check out the cardano ada web wallet as well.

The Distinction Between NEO Token Functions & NEO GAS Functions

When you start researching NEO, you will find that there are NEO GAS and NEO coin. So, it is essential to understand the distinction between the two tokens.

NEO coin is a governance coin used to control the system and vote. NEO GAS is a utility token used to cover the cost of transaction fees and enact smart contracts.

When it comes to NEO mining, you can mine GAS by using your NEO token. What is really great about GAS is that the token is shared proportionally among NEO owners. This means you can expect to get GAS without having to do anything.

NEO is keen to be seen as a smart economy and is working hard to prove their value to their investors.

How NEO Offers a Smart Economy

NEO has made it their mission to offer a genuine, smart economy to the users. They see this as an integral part of what makes them unique on the blockchain.

The idea behind this smart economy is to provide all parties with the chance to enter into various contracts without the need to know and trust each other. A computer code that is used to do this is impartial and unbiased.

NEO‘s founder, Da Hongfei, shared a vision of economic applications that are able to run on the NEO blockchain utilizing smart contracts. These contracts are designed to support the enforcement of the NEO ecosystem laws.

A Purchasing Guide

NEO‘s driving force is entirely community based with lots of developers working on it across the globe. That’s why NEO coin has proved to be a popular choice and is likely to continue growing steadily.

If you are looking to get hold of coins then you must have either fiat or any cryptocurrency ready. To buy NEO, you will need to register at the exchange site and pick the amount you want to purchase using your selected payment method. This process is simple and quick, allowing you to become a happy owner of NEO as soon as possible. Once purchased, you will need to securely store your NEO in your personal wallet.

NEO is usually traded against the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. But now, a highly sought-after pair is NEO/GO.   Also be sure to check out idrqq as well!

Where Is The Best Place To Exchange NEO for GO 

Both of these cryptocurrencies are fairly new to the scene, so it is to be expected that there aren’t a great deal of places where you can exchange both of them in a safe manner. You will need to use a secure exchange to complete a NEO-to-GO transaction, and the one place we’ve found that you can accomplish this is Godex.

Godex offers an anonymous, fast and fully automated buying process. It uses a real-time price tracker to ensure it is on top of all the best rates being offered by competitors. 

The team behind Godex has a solid belief in the world of cryptocurrency and has made it their mission to provide a service that helps all crypto enthusiasts get the currency they need. The platform offers:

  • A service that is easy to use and does not require form filling or account opening to make the exchange you need;
  • A speedy transfer capability so that you can get your NEO to GO exchanged without having to wait hours to see it appear in your wallet;
  • The ability to access the best rates 24/7. While exchanging, the platform freezes the rate so that you are protected from any fluctuations in prices.

One of the best aspects of Godex is that there are no limits to how much you can exchange unlike many other services. This means that you can sell as many NEO coins as you want without having to complete multiple transactions at different times. 

The other great thing about Godex is that they respect your right to anonymity and never ask you to share personal information when you enter the site or when you complete exchanges.

Finally, you can be sure that your trades are safe since Godex uses strong security protocols, SSL encryption, and DDoS protection mechanisms. 

However you choose to convert your NEO, the coin is well worth considering and offers a decent ROI for anyone who was an early adopter. Start trading and enjoy the returns you are likely to make if you play your cards right.

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