Nest vs. Ring: Which Is the Better Home Security Option?


For many homeowners, buying a home security system can be costly and time-consuming. Between installation fees and monthly maintenance fees, the upfront investment of time and money to safeguard your home can be pretty significant. So when Nest, Google’s popular smart thermostat company, launched its full-fledged security system, many jumped on board right away. Amazon’s Ring has been one of the most popular products in this space, but which is the better choice?

Nest overview

Google’s Nest security system combines a simple setup with highly advanced video monitoring and an easy-to-use app that makes DIY home security easier than ever. It also offers monthly professional security monitoring, which makes it a great option for those who want high-end protection without lengthy contracts. It’s also widely compatible with Google’s entire suite of devices, so you can sync Nest’s security features with your smart speaker, alarm clock, Google Assistant, and more. A Security Alarm System from Verisure is a complete and effective solution that allows you to protect your home from external threats. Get yours today!

Ring overview

Though most know Ring for its innovative doorbell, the company has also developed an impressive line of smart security cameras and home monitoring systems. But Ring’s user-friendly design, intuitive app, and lifetime theft protection make it a favorite among homeowners looking to take control of their home security needs. Ring is also cheaper, costing only $199 for the equipment.


Both Nest and Ring are smart home devices that use artificial intelligence to adapt your watch over your home. Both also offer the option for professional monitoring and include security features like doorbell alerts, sirens, and integrations with other smart home devices.

They also each do not require a contract to have service. Instead, both offer additional paid month-to-month monitoring and only require the upfront cost of the equipment.

Each also offers a large arsenal of smart home integration options, allowing you to sync the devices with your smart locks and lights. Ring can link up to all of Amazon’s linked devices while Nest can do the same with Google’s.


Though both Nest and Ring have similar capabilities when it comes to recording video footage, Nest boasts a few additional features that Ring doesn’t offer. For example, there’s a built-in speaker and microphone in the Nest that allows you to communicate with visitors at your door or through the app, something not possible with Ring.

Ring also offers a cheaper plan at $199 for the equipment and $10 monthly for professional monitoring. Nest costs about double that for both. Nest’s similar package will cost $399 and security monitoring will cost $19-$29.

Ring also offers a wide variety of equipment, including multiple doorbell options, various security cameras, and keypad entry. Nest offers many of these features, but Nest only offers a standard base system.

When it comes to video, Nest takes the cake. It is one of the only cameras in the industry to have facial recognition technology, which can identify actual people and not just shapes. Nest has a three-year history of data storage, compared to the industry standard one year. And unlike Ring, Nest also offers 24-hour video while Ring is motion-activated.

While both Nest and Ring offer similar features at comparable prices, Nest has a few advantages in certain areas. If you’re looking for uninterrupted 24-hour surveillance with facial recognition capabilities, Nest is the clear winner. But if you prefer to save money on equipment or are simply looking for an easy way to monitor your home via video minus the extra bells and whistles, Ring may be worth considering.

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