Never Used Cannabis Before? Here’s How

If you’re a first-time cannabis user, you may find it overwhelming to learn how to use, especially if you’re nervous about how the high will affect you. There are different ways to consume cannabis, which is now recreationally legal in Canada, but you may have to try out the various methods before you find out which method suits you the best. Remember, whichever method you choose, you’ll likely have to practice it a few times before you master it.

Smoking with a Water Pipe (Bong)

A bong is a water pipe that you can use to smoke cannabis. The word bong is derived from the word baung, which means bamboo tubes that were once used to smoke cannabis. Today, a bong looks more complicated, although it works the same way.

It contains a bowl where you place the weed and then lite it, and the bowl below it contains water. As you start inhaling, the water starts bubbling, and the smoke rises through the water before entering your mouth.

If you want a smoother smoking experience, you’re likely better off smoking weed through a bong instead of rolling it up on a paper because the water in the bowl cools up the smoke, which doesn’t happen in a rolled joint. But keep in mind that even with a bong, smoking is harmful to the lungs because of the carcinogens produced from burning.

Smoking with a Bowl

Perhaps the most traditional way of smoking weed is by using a bowl. Before you start using your bowl, ensure it’s clean and nicely dried up. Now grind your bud, but ensure not to grind it quite as fine as powder. Otherwise, it may fall off. Now take a pinch of your bud with your thumb and index finger and place it in the bowl. Ensure you pack the bud well but don’t overdo it.

Make sure you pack the bud well so that it won’t fall out, but don’t pack it to the point that it’s hard to take a good hit. Now lite the bowl, but before doing so, ensure you corner it and lite only a portion of the green at the center. This way, you can ensure you can smoke for a longer time.

A bowl is best for users who want to take a few hits at a time. A bong, on the other hand, allows you to smoke for a longer time.

Whether you smoke using a bowl or a bong, smoke is harmful to the lungs and can lead to tissue scarring. Additionally, if you tend to hold the smoke in your lungs for more time, it exposes the lung tissues to more tar per breath.

Rolling and Smoking a Joint or Blunt

Rolling and smoking a joint or blunt is another common way of consuming cannabis. Start by grinding the flower into a fine powder. Then, create a crutch or a filter—many joint papers usually have them, but if not, use business cards or solid cardboard. Next, fill the joint paper with cannabis. Pack the paper, roll it up, and lick the end of the paper to secure it. Finish with a firm poke and twist, then light it up and enjoy.

Joints and blunts are relatively easy to roll, especially if you are using it for the first time. However, one significant disadvantage is they burn quickly. You may also have to lite it a few times. These problems happen when you do not roll it properly, which is common with first-timers.


Not sure how to take shatter? The simplest way to smoke shatter is to crumble it on top of your weed and roll it like a joint. You can also consume it with an oil rig, vaporizer, or vape pen.

The most significant advantage of shatter is it delivers a high very quickly. Just remember that shatter is one of the most potent forms of marijuana. If you are new to cannabis use, take it slow and in a very small dose to avoid a bad hit.


Vapes are a handheld electronic device that creates inhalable vapor. The working principle of all vapes is similar. There is a battery-operated heating device that heats the extract creating vapor that you inhale through a mouthpiece. If you’re using a vape for vaping cannabis, do not buy a vape designed for vape juice unless mentioned as multi-use.

Keep in mind that vaping is a fairly new phenomenon, so few studies have done around vaping and its health effects.


Edibles are an orally consumable form of cannabis that comes in the form of food products, capsules, lozenges, etc. The dose varies from individuals to individuals depending on the internal physiology. For mild relief of pain, stress, and anxiety, 1 to 2.5 mg THC edibles are recommended. Unpleasant effects happen when taken in overdose. After taking the first dose, wait for at least two hours for the effects to show.


Cannabis tinctures are cannabis extracts infused with alcohol. To consume it, you need to decarboxylate it with a cannabis flower. Next, take a mason jar, and mix cannabis and alcohol. The usual ratio is for every ounce of cannabis flower, use one 750-milliliter bottle of alcohol. Let the weed soak for a few weeks, shaking it once a day. Then strain it with a coffee filter. You can infuse it with your favorite drink or meal.

The benefits of tinctures are manifold. It works fast, it is discrete, and it’s easy to keep the dose. Start small and be patient with the effects as an overdose can lead to unwanted highs.

Take it Easy

The key to consuming marijuana for the first few times is to remain relaxed. For the best possible high, experiment in a controlled setting, take things slow, and start with a small dosage. As you become more comfortable with cannabis use, you’ll learn what form you like best and what dosage you can handle.