New Kitchen. Contractor or DIY?


Thinking to upgrade your kitchen anytime soon? Probably the very first question that strikes your mind is “whether to go for DIY or to hire a professional?”. If we have caught you right, consider that you are in the right place. Here we will explore the pros and cons of both aspects and try to clear the clouds from your doubts.

Certain factors need to be taken into account before making the decision, such as budget, time limit, available resources, and most importantly, the confidence to handle kitchen remodeling on your own. You can decide either way to go, based on the cited factors.

However, the best part is that the internet is always there to help you out. You can accommodate the resources from the online world and turn the tables into DIY mode. Moreover, there are certain things that you can take care of your own such as wall painting or assembling RTA. But there is also a limit to the number of tasks you can achieve with the DIYs, some tasks do require technical skills.

So how to decide, whether to go for professional services or become a DIYer?

Well, according to us and the experts, unless you have the right skillset and enough time, you should call in the professionals. There are certain areas in kitchen renovations that can be rectified by the professionals at the right price; which can cost way more expensive if you’re trying to do it on your own. Whereas, there are still some areas where you can save hundreds of dollars. Removing a stained kitchen sink or replacing old appliances can be a valuable place to invest your money. Here are some incredible kitchen sink ideas and designs available at to inspire your next kitchen upgrade, improvement.

Listed below are some principles of kitchen remodeling and the expertise level involved in it for each. Then you can decide the tasks involved in your projects on your own.

1. Painting Kitchen Walls 

Painting the kitchen walls is one of the biggest hits among all the DIYers, because it is simple and creative, and does not require many tools. You can paint the kitchen wall the way you want to. Some homeowners go for textured walls in the kitchens, since the textured reflects in between the new shade. It creates an optical effect in the kitchen, letting you to reflect your edge. The beginners can take guidance by watching tutorials in online videos, where they explore hundreds of ideas.

Experts’ Advice: Paint those large kitchen canvases in your way and style. Painting the walls does not necessarily require professionals. If you have ample time to decorate your kitchen walls, you can make a big contribution to your savings.

2. Installing kitchen Accessories/ Appliances / Hardware 

This is another simple task that you can manage on your own. However, you would require the basic training for the installation. Several manufacturers make installation a cakewalk for the homeowners. You will just have to watch a tutorial video online or read the manual and you are all set to do the job. When you are all set with the preparations, performing the process takes very little time.

Experts’ Advice: You do not have to pay extra for appliance installation in the kitchen. The accessories you want for installation can be easily purchased online.

3. Upgrading and Installing Cabinets 

When you are working in compliance with new kitchen trends, work done with the cabinets plays an important role. Generally, with the kitchen, your cabinets are also upgraded. You can have some fun with the existing cabinets by painting them or applying gel stain for the updated appearance. Further, to enhance the look, you can try installing small accessories like handles and pulls with a toolkit available at home.

However, if your existing cabinets are not properly functional, screws are loose and the fitting is disorganized, we recommend you to change the cabinets altogether. There is no benefit in investing your efforts and money in non-functional cabinets. For installing a cabinet, you would require the precision and experience, since you can’t go ahead with the miscalculations. So, it is better to hire professionals for the installation of the cabinets. Or if you still want to make it a DIY job, you can order cheap cabinets online. RTA cabinets available online are easy to assemble and the homeowners can save on a fortune.

Experts’ Advice: If your existing cabinets are functioning properly, then you can proceed with their upgrading to give a new look to them. However, if you are looking to change the storage, calling in professionals for the installation is the right thing to do.

4. Plumbing Solutions 

When it comes to plumbing and fixtures, you can do the small jobs yourself, spanning your scope of knowledge, without having to spend a huge amount on professionals. Whereas, if you decide to invest in professional plumbing services, you can avoid multiple errors and get better and long-term results. Moreover, by hiring the experts, you will stay at the safer side, since they can spot the underlying problems like polybutylene piping or mold infestation and provide solutions beforehand.

Experts’ Advice: When the thing gets technical and deeper, it is important not to risk your kitchen to save some buck. Investing in experts to get plumbing solutions must be seen as an investment in the long run. Hence it is recommended to call in the professional to be doubly sure about the security of connections.

5. Electric Wiring Installation and Configuration 

Installation of electric wiring can be one of the things that should not compromise with the DIYs. When you are on the mission of kitchen remodeling, we strongly recommend hiring the electrician to get the job done perfectly. Besides, it is not safe to play with the wiring. Trying and installing wiring may sound like fun but it is a risky business, which must be left to expert electricians who have the right knowledge and training. Besides, the electricians will be able to detect any unforeseen scenarios and fix them in advance. So, there is no way, you should try hands at electric wiring unless you are an expert.

Experts’ Advice: According to the experts, you must not consider installing electric wiring yourself, since it involves risk, and lack of expertise and knowledge, can result in undesired consequences.

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