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Subspecialty Specific EMR Software

It’s critical to have a specialty-specific EHR. Subspecialty aspects, on the other hand, are frequently overlooked in EHR designs. Glaucoma specialists have unique requirements, and the finest EHR should be built to accommodate them. Glaucoma experts, for example, may find it challenging to assess client patterns overtime in an attempt to understand how patients are reacting to treatment. Additionally, having to browse through numerous regions of a client’s chart to record glaucoma-related information can be tedious.

Only with a well-designed, glaucoma-specific system can experts work at peak productivity and give the best possible client care. We’ll look at some of the most important must-have EHR elements for glaucoma experts in this piece before talking about why Nextech EMR is an excellent solution for Glaucoma experts.

Glaucoma-Specific Profile – To begin, your EHR should include a built-in customizable model that inundates exam results unique to glaucoma encounter requirements, allowing you to chart as quickly as practicable. To establish what type of care is required for the current visit, the profile should give you with a picture of historical information, client health conditions, most current diagnostic testing data, and focused care plans.

Intraocular Pressure (IOP) History – This one may appear to be self-evident. IOP, on the other hand, requires a handy historical perspective that allows for the examination of changes in IOP through time and the rapid identification of advances or deterioration in a client’s health.

IOP Graphs – Your EHR should also include charts that enable you to compare current and previous IOP readings with critical drug and operation information points, allowing you to evaluate how patients are progressing over time. Providers can better guarantee clients stay within their goal IOP range with glaucoma-specific graphics.

Glaucoma Tables – Glaucoma Tables that feature information items beyond a simple chart heading, including IOP, Ocular Meds, Cup-Disc Ratios, and Operations, must be customizable and filterable.

Diagnostic Image Management – Glaucoma experts must be able to swiftly evaluate and determine any improvements in a client’s status over time by loading previous diagnostic images such as RNFL and Visual Field tests.

Nextech EMR Software

For specialist physicians, Nextech offers comprehensive healthcare IT platform. From 1997, Nextech has been committed to providing smart, simple, and interconnected technologies that enable specialist doctors to boost productivity, documentation accuracy, and overall office profitability. In the medical specialties of ophthalmology, plastic surgery, dermatology, and orthopedics, Nextech serves over 11,000 doctors and 4,000 practices.

Nextech recognizes that each doctor has unique requirements that must be met by their Practice Management and EMR supplier to effectively meet and surpass the expectations of their clients and the medical sector as a whole. This is why Nextech strives to improve its solution with the help of specialist specialists who provide careful and strategic input. Through its revolutionary digital application, Nextech’s Electronic Health Record and Practice Management system is completely incorporated to promote operational efficiencies, manage to practice financial trends, improve client interaction, and enhance productivity.

Top Nextech EMR Features

Configurable Charting

Improve the pace of your Ophthalmology EHR charting with single-page, configurable, user-specific templates that are tailored to your individual charting needs. Display only the appropriate divisions and subsections for each interaction with an on-the-fly setup.

Subspecialty Charting

Nextech Glaucoma Flowsheet and Laser Eye surgery Scheduler are subspecialty charting capabilities that meet your specific specialty process and document requirements

Regulatory Performance Monitoring

Regulatory Performance Monitoring

Optimize your MIPS rating with charting signals that guarantee you’re charting at the correct exam grade, real-time completion ratings, and documentation warnings that detect gaps before you sign straight within the Ophthalmology EHR.

Patient Portal

It’s quite difficult to find a good client portal that has all of the required elements in the EHR system. Many EHR system firms claim to offer an effective patient portal, but not all of them deliver. As per Nextech EMR evaluations, users like the Patient Portal since it is so helpful and relevant.

Among the capabilities of the Nextech EMR Client Portal include the ability to send secure messages to providers, instantly analyze test data, set up regular meetings and reminders, and generate personalized electronic forms for patients. Since Nextech EMR is so very much organized, you can undoubtedly address every one of the worries that its clients experience with the Patient site.

Layered Drawing

Create editable layered drawings depending on results directly from a client’s chart in the Ophthalmology EHR. This removes the requirement for each visit to replicate the drawings.

Referral Management

Shared Care, which is supported by Google Maps, gives you fast access to hundreds of subspecialty referral possibilities both regionally and nationally, all of which are included in the Ophthalmology EHR. You’ll save time by automating time-consuming activities, and you’ll be able to transmit HIPAA-compliant client data, especially digital photographs, with ease.


With the option to transmit digital prescriptions to pharmacists from your Ophthalmology EHR for both restricted and non-controlled drugs, you can streamline your prescribing procedure. We’ll also assist you in keeping track of medicine and allergy interactions, which will improve client security.

Automatic Letter Generation

Automated in-chart letter production that pre-populates depending on exam results simplifies communication. With solo or batch email choices, you’ll save time by being able can create several letters from a single interaction in seconds.


While logging a client session, conduct a safe, HIPAA-compliant webcam conference from your Ophthalmology EHR. This streamlined approach allows you to provide excellent patient care while maintaining a high level of efficiency.

Integrated ASC Charting

Increase administrative productivity with an incorporated ASC charting system that uses medical Ophthalmology EHR software and practice management data exchange to avoid unnecessary data input.

Nextech EMR pricing and Reviews

In terms of Nextech EMR reviews, the software has received positive as well as negative feedback. However, most of it has been positive. Nextech EMR pricing, on the other hand, has not been published by the vendor. If you are interested in knowing more about the software, please schedule a Nextech EMR demo.

Final Words!

If you want to know more about Nextech EMR software, we would recommend you schedule a Nextech EMR demo. Other than that, we also suggest you read Nextech EMR reviews. That will give you an idea of what to look for during the demo.

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