NFL Teams Set To Make A Strong Start in The 21-22 Season


When we look back at the power rankings for the last season it is a great opportunity to reflect on what the teams will do in 2021 – 2022. When the Titan’s return will they overcome their defensive frailty to make a decent run for the championship or will the Chiefs and Packers continue to dominate the conference.

Kansas Chiefs

Let’s face it – getting an opportunity to defend a Super Bowl title doesn’t come along by chance. With a record of 14 – 2 last season, it is hard to see the Chiefs dropping from this lofty height anytime soon. They have strength and depth enough to rest genuine talent before the Super Bowl defense, so they have enough to mount a great campaign next season.

Greenbay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is the most likely MVP for the last season and he looks at the peak of his game. The Packers offensive ability is unrivalled, which makes it difficult to ever put enough points on the board to beat them. They will have a great 21 – 22 season and likely pick up top seed again.

Buffalo Bills

By the end of the season, as they entered the play offs, the Bills were playing some of the best football in the division. If only the form had come earlier to avoid one of those three losses. Still, they have momentum on their side for 21-22.

Seattle Seahawks

They are a franchise that always finds a way to win – just look at the way they came good against the 49ers. Will dogged determination be enough next season? There maybe needs to be a little more star power to push them further in their development.

New Orleans Saints

While a top performance in the final game before the season play offs showed some potential, there are still questions about whether they can come through without Alvin Kamara. Still, something to build on next season.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Even when playing undermanned, the Steelers show, well, steel. They have a determination to win that is impressive. You can never discount Pittsburgh but we wouldn’t bet on them for 21 – 22.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints

So you thought Tom Brady was past it… think again! The question for Tampa Bay is whether he can continue to do this into his late forties – surely not.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens need to do better when they are playing the more physically dominant teams but 11 – 5 isn’t a bad record to build on next season.

Indianapolis Colts

Jonathan Taylor’s running game has been key throughout 20 – 21 and will likely continue to be the route for success for the Colts. They may need to add more dimensions to their play if they are to build on this season.

Cleveland Browns

In coach Kevin Stefanski’s first year he took the Browns to the play offs. It makes you wonder what he can do in his second season, right? A massive achievement that should give all Browns’ fans hope for the future.

Tennessee Titans

How can you score so many points and still lose five games in a season? Well, the answer is a shoddy defense. If they can hire someone to coach the secondary line then the Titans will have a better season in 21 – 22.

Los Angeles Rams

There were times when the Rams were really impressive last season. The game with Wolford as quarterback was a high point. At times the defense really showed up too. A 10 – 6 record should not please the fans and they will hope for better next season.

Chicago Bears

The Packers showed the Bears the work they have to do to get back to the top.  An 8 – 8 split will have disappointed the Chicago faithful – and there needs to be a lot of work before the Bears can be a threat.

Washington Football Team

The most improved team of the lot in 20 – 21, so momentum is definitely on their side. Rivera definitely deserves coach of the year, taking this team this far in such a short time. We predict an even better season next year.

Miami Dolphins

Well, that was a shocker… missing the playoffs on the back of what many thought was a decent enough season. Next season will all come down to whether Tua Tagovailoa will deliver or not.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals could have done better if Kyle Murray had stayed fit – but then no great team is built on a single player. The offense needs a shake up if they are going to do well next season; they were more than a little stagnant by the end of the season.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are never going to win games until they deal with the defensive weaknesses. No amount of attacking flair can overcome the deficit the whole time. A disappointing 20 – 21 might be a catalyst for change – let’s wait and see.

New England Patriots

There is a severe lack of star power of the roster, which meant that the Patriots never had a chance this year. They will need to do some strong off season work if they are going to challenge for the playoffs next season.

Los Angeles Chargers

A new coach and a rookie quarterback this season means the 7 – 9 stats have some context. We hope that with experience comes the savvy to put together a winning run. We suspect they might need another mediocre season first – building a team takes time.

Minnesota Vikings

Even though they come in 20th in the list we back the Vikings to be a force next season. Keep an eye on them, as they will be dragged kicking and screaming into the big time by Mike Zimmer. They will sneak quite a few surprise wins next season – we can feel it.


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