No Water? No Problem: Tips to Solve Your Water Pressure Situation


Anyone who has ever taken a shower with high water pressure knows that it’s almost impossible to go back to showering with low or weak water pressure. There is nothing more awkward than standing in the shower with water barely dripping from the showerhead. Showers aren’t even the only things affected by low water pressure in your home; your bathroom and kitchen faucets can also get weak, increasing the time you spend cleaning or washing anything. Fortunately, there is more than one way to fix the water pressure situation easily.

Single Weak Faucet

If the water pressure is good in every area of your house except for one faucet, then you should point the fingers of suspicion towards malfunctioning equipment. The most common cause that can reduce the strength of a faucet is clogging. As you can see here, you can unclog the faucet and restore the pressure by disassembling the faucet and thoroughly cleaning it from the inside. Make sure to disassemble and clean the aerator to prolong the life of the faucet as well.

Sometimes old galvanized pumps can start building mineral deposits inside over the years. If it’s not the faucet itself that’s causing the issue, it could be the water line connected to the sink itself. In that case, it’s recommended that you avoid making the repairs yourself and call a plumber who can expertly replace the water line to increase the water pressure.

Residue in Showerhead

Since the water that’s coming out of the showerhead is filled with mineral and limestone, it’s not surprising to find blocks of residue built up over the years inside the head. If the water pressure in your home is overall fine, then the problem can be with the showerhead so, make sure to unscrew the head and start cleaning it thoroughly from the inside to remove any sediments; you can use a toothbrush for maximum efficiency.

Removing Restrictors

The National Energy Act has forced a lot of shower head manufacturers to install restrictors inside their apparatus to reduce the consumption of water. While this may be an advantage in areas where the water pressure is already high, locations that have problems with water pressure will be bluntly struck. You can manually remove the restrictor in your shower head by following the guidelines that came in the guide when you purchased it.

Solve Your Water Pressure


Leaks will stop the full-throttle of water from reaching your faucet or shower. If you’ve noticed any faucets or pipes leaking around the house, whether it’s in the bathroom, kitchen, or basement, they may be the culprit behind the low water pressure situation. It’s highly advisable to replace the leaking pipes as quickly as possible because they can damage the infrastructure of the house and the plumbing system if left unchecked.

Low-Pressure Showerheads

If it’s just your shower and you’ve exhausted all the plumbing technology solutions to no avail, maybe it’s time to think about low-pressure showerheads. These special shower heads can transform weak, dripping water into jets thanks to their unique design and mechanism. While they won’t fix the actual problem of low-pressure water in the house, they can be a great addition to your shower.

Therefore, the water pressure around your house may unnoticeably drop gradually until you’re suddenly faced with very weak water pressure. It’s important to investigate the cause before making any repairs because sometimes the problem can be in the mainline and, in that case, you may need a professional plumber to fix it.

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