Nolo vs. Legalzoom – Which is better for your business?


Nolo and Legalzoom are two of the most popular legal document providers in the United States. Both companies offer a variety of legal documents, but which is better for your business? The following comparison should help you decide which is the right choice for your legal needs.

In this post, we’ll highlight the similarities and differences between the two online legal providers and help you decide which one is best for your business. Then, continue reading to find out more.

Legalzoom is a well-known company that offers legal services for individuals and small businesses.

Legalzoom is a well-known company that offers legal services for individuals and small businesses. They offer a variety of legal services, including incorporation, trademark, and patent services. It’s important to note that you can’t just register your legal name as a trademark. Legally, you should register your actual business name. This will cost a minimum of $270, which is their base price. You can write as many different words as you want to pay $120 per word.

Nolo is another company that offers legal services for individuals and small businesses.

Nolo is another company that offers legal services for individuals and small businesses. They provide legal services, including wills, trusts, and contracts for individuals and small businesses. Nolo does not charge for its products. Instead, they work on a nonprofit basis.

Legalzoom charges a set fee to create a complete package of documents.

Legalzoom is a company that provides legal documents for a set fee. They offer a complete package of documents, including a company name, articles of incorporation, bylaws, LegalZoom trademark service, operating agreement, cap table, and share certificates. For a price starting at $70-$500 (plus an optional annual $89 fee), you can have your business fully registered with the state, county, and trademarked online in 24-48 hours. We provide an easy way to form and manage your LLC, Corporation, or NonprofitNonprofit in any state and more. 

Their $79. 00 package includes all the necessary documents to form a corporation. Their website states that you are protected from certain liabilities by doing business as a corporation. Legalzoom also provides living wills, real estate documents, including powers of attorney and general durable powers of attorney. They offer wills and living trusts for the same reasons. They do not recommend you form an LLC.

Nolo is affordable but does not offer the complete package of documents.

Nolo is an excellent option for those looking for a low-cost alternative for legal documents. However, it does not offer the whole package of documents and is not as comprehensive as Legalzoom. It is also not as flexible or detailed and is thus a more terrible choice for more advanced legal needs. If you’re looking for a single legal document or want to work with an attorney, then Nolo is not the best choice for you. If you need more detail or are on a budget, then LegalZoom will work better.

Pros and Cons to both Companies.

Nolo is a nonprofit organization that provides legal information, including legal forms, for a fee. Legalzoom offers to create legal documents for a set fee. At LegalZoom, you can create documents like a will, non-probate revocable trust, living will, and power of attorney. The company serves 50 states plus Washington DC. LegalZoom also has experts to answer questions. The online platform allows users to select and fill out the information about what they want their document to say. 

Then, Legalzoom will draft a legally binding contract for their purchase. The program will then allow the user to download their document in PDF format. You can also convert your document to a Word Document or in an image format, usually shown as BMP or JPG.


If you are looking for affordable legal services, Legalzoom is the perfect solution. Sign up to have a comprehensive legal kit delivered straight to your door, or speak with an attorney about which documents are correct for you. Empowering individuals to start their own businesses. 

Legalzoom provides flexible self-service options that make legal assistance easily accessible, affordable, and user-friendly. As a result, legal advice is now more accessible than ever. These services are excellent for anyone who ever had to engage in the legal system. 

For example, being accused of a crime or filing for divorce, domestic relations cases, child custody cases, protection from abuse orders, landlord-tenant matters, or debt collection actions… In addition, they offer document drafting and document filing services and legal service plans, ranging from introductory and starter packages to more comprehensive plans.

With their introductory and starter package, Legalzoom will draft documents such as leases, wills, and power of attorney. On the other hand, the comprehensive package includes a variety of agreements such as partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and employment agreements. 

In a nutshell, the total package has everything a buyer needs to move forward with a complete plan. A buyer can find a beautiful house with all the amenities they want in the right neighborhood. Besides this, there is more to it than just the home.

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