Not Just for Kids: 5 Awesome Birthday Party Decoration Ideas for Adults


Birthday parties always bring to mind images of cakes and candles, piles of presents, streamers, birthday balloons, party hats, and more. Often, we immediately assume that the birthday celebrant is a child. From a baby’s first birthday party and smash cake photo shoot to themed parties every succeeding year after that (a different one each time!), parents are always happy to go all out for their precious young one and throw a bash that celebrates another year of their life, their new interests, and the joy they bring to their family, friends and community.

Of course, little kids aren’t the only ones with birthdays to celebrate! Adults are just as thrilled to have parties thrown in their honor during birthdays. These events are excellent opportunities for welcoming another year, bonding with close friends and family over great food and drink, and catching up with invited acquaintances and guests.

Planning Birthday Parties for Kids at Heart

No matter what your age, it’s always fun to celebrate your birthday, even with a little party. While it’s also nice to have a quiet dinner someplace fancy, perhaps on your own or with your significant other, or by different ways to commemorate the occasion (like treating yourself to some retail therapy, having a spa day, or traveling to a new destination), having a party is extra special for these reasons:

The birthday celebrant basks in the company of all their favorite people

With most people juggling busy schedules for work, home life, rest and others, it can take a lot of work to stay in touch with some friends and relatives regularly. That’s why it’s extra meaningful to see these special people coming and gathering in one place to celebrate your birthday with you.

The birthday celebrant’s favorite party food and drinks are served

Who wouldn’t be happy to see a table laden with all their favorite dishes and treats? At your birthday party, you can create a menu of everything you like, from appetizers to finger foods and cocktails. Or, if your friends and relatives throw you a surprise party, they may choose to serve things they know you like or would love to try.

The chosen birthday theme can reveal much about the celebrant’s personality or passions

Whether you throw your own birthday party or you are surprised with one, your party will likely have a specific theme based on things you are interested in. For example, all the food, decorations, or even guests’ costumes could be inspired by your current favorite TV show or movie, a hobby of yours, or something you consider a goal, like traveling to another country or winning a specific award.

5 Fun Birthday Party Design Inspiration Examples for Adults

1. Fill the space with balloons

Nothing says “party” like balloons, and for birthday celebrants who’ve gone through parties with balloons shaped like unicorns, soccer balls, fire trucks or cartoon characters, there are plenty of more adult balloon designs and colors to choose from.

Think giant number balloons, or champagne bottle or poker table balloons, to prop up on a central table or affix to walls, or perhaps balloon arches tastefully designed using metallic balloons. It’s also fun to fill a dance floor with colorful balloons or to let them float all over a swimming pool, if it’s a pool party, to give the space an ethereal vibe.

2. Use flowers and greenery for freshness

How about bringing nature into your home or party venue? It’s always relaxing to walk over a carpet of green grass or artificial turf throughout the venue or to pose for photos in front of an entire wall decorated with lush foliage. Gorgeous flower arrangements can adorn tables and entrances for a beautifully fresh touch.

3. Place candles or fairy lights all around for some dramatic lighting

For birthday parties held at night, indoors or outdoors, putting up lots of string lights or fairy lights or lighting candles on tables are great ways to use light to create a mood for the party space. It’s always dreamy to walk under strings of lights under the night sky or to sit and talk with your friends in a room with softly twinkling lights.

4. Set up an impressive buffet spread

Let your party food be a decorative feature as well. You can set out all the food on a long table with a crisp tablecloth, adorn the table with floral or glass arrangements, and creatively display the plates and utensils for a buffet spread that’ll have guests gasping in awe. If you’re a fan of grazing tables, your guests will be sure to love the wide range of options for cold cuts, cheeses, crackers, fruits, chocolates, nuts and more – whatever you like. The table will be a sight to behold.

5. Put up an entire wall of photographs

Finally, birthdays can become extra special for all attendees if memorable photographs are displayed all over the house or venue. For example, your favorite old Polaroids from childhood, your teen years, or your first few jobs can serve as conversation starters for your guests and bring up nostalgia as you reminisce about past experiences. Your friends and relatives could also contribute photos and mementoes from their personal collections and add those to the display – that’s sure to get everyone looking back on lovely memories and talking about what’s new with everyone.

Birthday Parties Are Fun for Everyone

Throwing a party on your birthday can help create core memories because you’ll be spending time with wonderful people, savoring great food and drinks, and reflecting on this milestone in your life and what you’ve experienced so far.

The decorations and themes you choose can appropriately set the tone for the party and get everyone into that happy, festive mood that’ll leave you feeling warm and giddy long after the party ends. This year, go ahead and throw that special party – blow out the candles on your cake, listen to everyone’s toasts, and enjoy how good it feels to be celebrated and appreciated by the people you love most.

For tips in planning a birthday party for kids, you can read our 10 Tips for Planning a Children’s Birthday Party.

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